Mami'sMagic with Zyce & Hardy Veles

Party flyer: Mami'sMagic with Zyce & Hardy Veles 28 Sep '12, 23:00
Party flyer: Mami'sMagic with Zyce & Hardy Veles 28 Sep '12, 23:00
Zyce -- TesseracTstudio -- Serbia
HardyVeles -- TesseracTstudio -- Serbia
DJ Damazah -- Forestdelic -- BiH
DJ Kristof -- Independent -- Slo
DJ Magica -- Mami'sMagic -- Slo
[] & Mami'sMagic
Autumn is already knocking on the door and memories of the summer festival are still strong ... Mami'sMagic will try to conjure up the festival atmosphere (without dust, which is most active) with music that is moving few 10,000 head tribe from around the world ... First time in Slovenia with Zyce & Hardy Veles -- TesseracT Studio from Serbia .Their production of progressive-trance is considered one of the best, so you can hear them play at festivals around the world.

ZYCE is a solo progressive trance project created by Nikola Kozic from Nova Pazova - Serbia, born in 1986. His first experience in producing music goes back in 1999, when he spent some time playing guitar in metal, rock and reggae bands. . After years of performing on guitar, Nikola found himself in electronic music and Zyce project was born. Debut album "Hyper Cube" was released on Synergetic records from Austria in 2008. After this he started releasing several tracks worldwide on various labels. Second album "Transgressive" was released on Spin Twist records from Germany in March 2010. This album opened doors to the biggest electronics festivals in World. Finally his third album “8 Cell” is released in collaboration with Flegma on TesseracTstudio records in 2011 .Besides this, Nikola is also part of several side projects like "Ectima" (collaboration with Flegma), “Vertex” (collaboration with DJ Merlin) and “Orison” (collaboration with Flegma). Since 2006, Nikola and Dalibor have established artists organizacion "TesseracTstudio" which became a record label in 2010. Gathering one of the finest act of today progressive trance scene.

Goran Grubić (1984) is a founding member of the TesseracT Studio. His early production works are dating back to 1999. Hardy.Veles is his main music project focused on progressive trance vibes devoted to a old Slavic god Veles. In last few years he had various EP / VA contributions under labels: TesseracT Studio, IONO Music, Synergetic Records and Spin Twist Records. The debut album production was delayed for years because of his doctoral studies. Fortunately, the PhD is almost to end so album is about to be released until the end of 2012. This party would be great opportunity to sneak into tracks made for the upcoming album.

Damir Zeljkovic is DJ Damzah and his first contact with electronic music was at the end of the year 1995 through the radio show on a local radio station.
He started DJing in 2003, with the first public performance in March 2004; he performed together with DJ Tenssa as a Kali project .In his DJ sets he plays Dark Psychedelic Trance, Psytrance, Psydub. 2010 he became a DJ for Grotesque rec. from Serbia and in May 2012 for psytrance label Forestdelic, from Slovenia.
DaMzaH performed all across Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.
He is considered as one of the leading figures of psychedelic music and culture in Banja Luka

With guests will play DJ Kristof that is well known to Slovenian and Italian psy lovers and only representative of Venus DJ Magica ...

For few hours we will forget about fall and jump back into dance floors of summer festivals , the universe and Goa beach ... let the journey begin *


Limited tickets on 200

Only 18+ allowed ...
Channel Zero ... Metelkova city
Entry fee
till 24:00 10€
after 12€
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