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◆ HYPNOISE [Maharetta Records] Spain

Following the huge success of their debut EP LSD (Logical Structures Database) released with Antu records in 2010, the duo began gaining momentum, and shortly after, started attracting attention from other labels and renouned artists globally. This resulted in numerious releases before they finally launched the second EP'Organic Machinery'. This time released with home grown label 'Maharetta Records', similarly to the first release, it featured three original pieces, carved through previous success, this is where they finally found their signature sound. Next came a remix Ep, 'Retrospective', featuring their take on the Iconic track 'Dust rising' by Sonic Species. This further propelled their career, as they set their sights on a debut album.
In 2014 they finally released the first album 'Dimentional Shifting', back with their home at Antu records. 'Dimentional Shifting' topped the charts, opening more avenues to success. Since then, they've beening riding the wave travelling and rocking at the most prestigious festivals and parties around the globe, Including Boom Festival (Portugal), Freqs of Nature (Germany) , Aho Festival (Brazil) , The Experience (Thailand), Sunburn (India), Ritual (Mexico), Rezonance (South Africa), Origin (South Africa) to mention a few......
The duo now separated, Juan alone will continue to develop, expand and further push himself as an artist, in search of yet more higher dimensional music.

◆ OVERLOAD [Maharetta Records] Ibiza

Spanish producer Pablo Chaty otherwise known as Overload was born on island of Ibiza in the 1986.
He Began playing music in 2002 at local parties and became well known for his twisted psychedelic selection. In 2005 Pablo began to work with friends In their studios before shortly after In 2011 built his own studio and started collecting equipment.
His project has become quickly established and is gaining acclamation from producers around the globe, and has collaborated with Earthling, The M.A.D, Samadhi to name a few.
The new year see’s Overload Join with emerging Spanish label, Maharetta Records. Where he will continue to push and develop as an artist.

◆ TAT [Maharetta Records]

Iaui 'Tat' was born in the Elfi eco-village in the top of the Apennines mountains from Spanish father and Finish mother. Since young age he developed a strong connection with psy-trance music, traveling the world around the best festivals he had the opportunity to explore and settle in the psychedelic community and culture.
Full-on is Tat's favorite kind of music, he started playing it at young age at small friend and family parties and slowly had the opportunity to play at bigger and famous festival like Universo Paralello (Brasil), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), S.U.N (Hungary), Shiva Valley (Goa)...
Tat also represent a pillar of the organisation of iMaginaria festival in Italy, and part of the Elfik pizzeria in most of the festival around Europe.
Actually, he's got his own studio up at 1200m high in the Apennines where, with the "inspiration" of nature is creating mind opening experiences In 2015 Tat became a member of Maharetta records.


◆ NEUTRON [Maharetta Records] UK

UK Based DJ, Zac Lee known as Neutron, Began his journey Into the world of music from the day he was born, with the help from highly Influential parents, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, James Brown, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, where all familiar records whilst growing up.
This undoubtedly contributed towards the enthusiasm and obsession Zac carries with him today. By around the age of 8 years old, he managed to cobble together his first pair of belt driven turntables. Falling apart and weighted with a penny, this was where he very slowly experimented with different types of electronic music.
Today, that same meticulous taste, and Instant recognition for a great record has lead him to become the manager for successful Psychedelic Trance label, Maharetta Records, where he continues to look for, and push Inspiring, Innovative music.
With one foot firmly In the past, Zac’s trance roots extend back to the days of Dragonfly Records, T.IP, Flying Rhino and early Nano Records sound, and still holds a small record collection of the very same music that originally captivated him, all those ago.

◆ FOG [Looney Moon Rec.]

It’s hard to describe in few words the crazy vortex of creativity and events that have seen dj Fog involved from the end of the nineties. To say it in few words Roberto started djing in 1999 and played at first party in 2001, in 2004 he opened Looney Moon party org with a bunch of friends, and started producing events all over italy and abroad. In 2008 the group decided to open Looney Moon records. In 2011, in order to enrich the range of productions, and thanx to the involvement of more trustable friends, was born a new record label for more experimental productions and chill out: Looney Moon Experiment. Since 2005 Roberto has been pushing underground sounds playing at many events all over the world including the bigger ones like BOOM, UNIVERSO PARALLELO, ANTARIS, HADRA, SUMMER NEVER ENDS, FREQS OF NATURE, and many more. Label dj for the swiss label Peak rec from 2006 and label manager of Looney Moon rec since the very beginning together with dj Phobos, dj Fog has rocked countless events all over the globe. All his sets on any style are rich of unreleased stuff from all the artist-friends. Apart from the Looney Moon activities Robi is now one of main guys behind Momento Demento Festival and Collider Art Gallery (Looney Moon Visions) and artistic and logistic consultant for several other events in europe, and not only.

◆ KIMIK YIU [Maharetta Records]

Otherwise known as Yuri Merenda was born In Pisa in 1989, and began his long journey Into electronic music with his love for Minimal Techno, this was where he originally honed his beatmatching skills on Vinyl.
Inevitably this led him to discover many other forms of electronic music, and of course, the world of Djing. Like many, after much research and different musical ventures, he finally found Psychedelic Trance. never looking back and taking with him Inspiration from previous musical experiences. This diverse background then paved the way for his life and career as a Dj.
Its Infectious groove, and undeniably addictive sound mesmerized Yuri, something he felt, had always been missing from other genres.
Shortly after his discovery, Immediatly began organizing several small parties around the area Turin, and In 2012 met Ale Nukleall, label manager at Blacklight Records, where he stayed for 3 years.
A major turning point for Yuri's career, This then gave him the opportunity to play at many International festivals, Including. Future Nature, Human Evolution and Own Spirit.
In 2015 he was picked up by Maharetta Records, a label founded In spain Co-run by Zac Lee and Juan Fontorira Moyer, where he continues to push and develop himself as an artist within their roster.

◆ FLOW [Merkaba Crew]

In the ancient communities, whenever a person got sick, the first question of the shaman was: “When did you give up dancing?” I consider dance as one of the biggest form of moving meditation. It allows us to connect to our true selves, to other people and to the entire universe, giving our body the chance to be the one expressing thoughts and words. I think that psychedelic music is the perfect soundtrack to open up our perception doors. I have been there from 20, in front of the console, traveling to festivals and parties all over Europe, dancing with the hula hoop, painting pictures and bodies, falling in love with shapes, colours, sounds and smiles. Being on the other side now, is for me a privilege and a big honour.

Flow started to mix in the 2012. She prefers underground sounds, but she play also dark progressive. Its sets are high energy, positive, groovy and deeply psychedelic. She is a Member of Merkaba Crew since April 2014.


◆ L-Acoustics
Primo Maharetta label party in Italia.
Label che nasce in Spagna nel 2010 fondata da Juan e Jaime meglio conosciuti come Hypnoise.
In poco più di un anno riescono a entrare in contatto e a collaborare con tantissimi artisti internazionali.
Ad oggi vanta molti artisti come Hypnoise, Yar Zaa, Eclipse Echoes, Overload, Multiman e altri che hanno calcato i piu grandi palchi della scena psytrance.
In questa prima edizione vi faremo conoscere nuovi artisti e avremo il piacere di riaccogliere in casa il nostro amico Juan.
Ranch Savona 132
Frazione Bauduccchi, Moncalieri (TO)
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Entry fee
10 € fino alle 01.00
15 € dopo le 01:00
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