Maha Shiva Ratri Night at Eco Village 13 Feb '18, 01:00
Party flyer: Maha Shiva Ratri Night at Eco Village 13 Feb '18, 01:00
Line Up
* Villagers performing

* Pierre Obino
Brother Culture Revaluation sounds from Sardinia
playing spiritual roots reggae

Sound Sync:
Zion psychedelic (Rus)
(Trimurti Festival Art Group )

*Bahri Djinn

*Naoto VaVa (Japan)

* Kaara

Vinit PsyXis Magare

Wandering Soundwave
Eco Village Team
Maha Shiva Ratri Night at Eco Village
Shivaratri is celebrated on the 6th night of the dark Phalgun (Feb or March) every year. On the auspicious day, devotees observe fast and keep vigil all night. Mahashivaratri marks the night when Lord Shiva performed the ′Tandava′. It is also believed that on this day Lord Shiva was married to Parvati Ma. On this day Shiva devotees observe fast and offer fruits, flowers and bel leaves on Shiva Linga. Shivaratri is also spelled as Shivratri, Shivarathri and Sivaratri.Maha Shivaratri is a popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated every year in reverence of the Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri festival is also widely known as 'Shivaratri'. It means the 'Great Night of Shiva'. This auspicious day is believed to be the day of convergence of divine powers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. It is believed that on this day the planetary position in universe evokes the spiritual energies very easily. Religious penances are carried out to gain boons through the practice of medication and yoga. People worships lord Shiva whole day and chants "Om Namah Shiva". Some devotees also perform Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra to seek divine blessings of Lord Shiva.
Welcome to Eco Village home-stay We serve 60 beds of homestay in the Ghaderi-eco village and Nepali dalbat. You have there an amazing view of the Himalayan Range: Dhaulagiri, Machapucchare and Annapurna Range. 3 different villages (typical and traditional round houses) (Brahman caste) village. There is 35 houses
Yoga and Meditation.
Water Sports & Festive Packages
Organic Food and farm stays at Eco Gathering.
Playing For Change is a multimedia movement to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.
Unity Eco Village

Entry fee
Entry fee
55 Euro per Person
Booking Should be made at least one (1) week in advance at our Pokhara Meeting point place .
Umbrella cafe
Khahare ,Lakeside -6, Pokhara
Fullm00n Eco Gathering
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