Maha KALI ॐ

Kali will chop your head off for being unaware of your own transcendent nature, which is One with Kali.. then she will dance on your beheaded body.

My dear ones, we must all know that this is transcendent knowledge. All is symbol, knowledge is direct, pure and effortless. You can find it in your heart.

On this day, Kali takes human forms and she comes to Earth to look straight into your heart. Be aware or behead!

Kali transforms into her female Avatars as follows :

Chakruna \B

Kicsigomba \gL [ soundcloud ]

Tu Ri Ya \gL [ mixcloud ]

Asiza \cJ [ soundcloud ]

flyer Apsila \ tM

* we are at war against ignorance and ne-science
* support arrives from human troops and demi gods from higher realms of being

ॐ Dark Matter Crew
ॐ A Patra Dimensiune
ॐ Psychonauts Crew
ॐ Yara Kalou Decorations
ॐ Sons Of Gaia Festival
ॐ Goa Trance Movement Timisoara

****party update:
The Celebration starts earlier, on Friday, with male avatars; half human - half extra terrestrial, their wish is to throw themselves at Kali's feet in complete adoration, showing their mad skills, warming up , raising the frequency, raising awareness...

Location is private, we will let u know... Watch out for flyers around the city, keep it Underground

mortals access 22 00 > fifteen lions
**Update: your support will allow you to come at both parties, there is only one entrance fee for both days. So, if you come on friday and aquire a bracelet, you can use it for the next day also, no extra charge :)

Timișoara, Kreis Timiș, Rumänien
Mr. Chillum C. Hill
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