Magic Mountain 2019 18 Jan '19, 17:00
Party flyer: Magic Mountain 2019 18 Jan '19, 17:00
Line Up
Project Taesty Gecko (Twizted Lotus Records / Australia)

-Boom Shankar (Bmss/S.U.N /Germany)
-Tsunamix (Freak Rec- Switzerland )
-Suddha (Purple Hexagon / UK)
-Tommy Rocker (Full Moon Party Tommy Resort/Thailand)
-Pzychobiz (Magic Mountain / Thailand)
-PsyAtmah(Magic Mountain/Thailand)
-Patt (Tommy full moon /Thailand)
-John Lee (Lost in Paradise / Purple Hexagon / Thailand)
-Goa Gummy (Psyhead Community/Thailand)
-Blades Hypnotize (Psyhead Community/Thailand)
-Psycodomo (Moon Mountain /Thailand)
-Toshi (Japan)
-HotzenPlotz (Kinematic Records/ Germany)
-Mantis (Vive Noctem/Switzerland)
-SsongG (Playground/Bansabai /South Korea)
-Koi (Magic Phangan/Playground/Thailand)
-PsyTronic (Another Reality / OMॐ-Productions/Germany)
-Liquidsound (Headroom Productions/Austria)
-Atoned Splendor (GoaProduction/China)
-Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zon/Thailand)
-Evo (Goa Production/SVK)
-Fugui (Yuanqi/China)
-DK (GoaProductions/China)
-Satori Snooks (Goa Productions/Germany)
-Sebidelica (Mutagen Records/Belgium)
-Originz (Outtrance/France)
-Askari (vision of paradise/dacru records/propmeti records/Belgium)
-Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records/Germany)
-Pieman (Tribe of Frog/Bomshankar)
-Forhat (BMSS/Germany)
More info and location update is coming soon
for the local ,buying ticket and pick up contact
(+66) 0926396562 Nu ,
(+66) 0815837566 Nun

Bring your own tent or hammock,you can buy tent from Tesco Lotus,Big C or any shopping malls,price from 399THB up to 1000+THB
Chaing Rai,Thailand
Entry fee
Ticketing info
Presale Ticket Phase 1 limit 50 tickets only for 1,600THB

Presale Ticket Phase 2 limit 100 tickets only for 1,800THB

Ticket at the gate 2,000THB

One day ticket pass 700 THB per day

ราคาตั๋ว ปาร์ตี้
Presale ราคา
Phase 1 จำกัด50ใบ เท่านั่นราคา 1600 บาท
Phase 2 จำกัด100ใบเท่านั้นราคา ,1800 บาท
ราคา จ่ายหน้างานเข้า2,000

Magic Mountain Team and Friends
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