Madre Tierra - Gathering of the Tribes

Madre Tierra - Gathering of the Tribes 1 Aug '19, 13:00
Party flyer: Madre Tierra - Gathering of the Tribes 1 Aug '19, 13:00
Line Up
Line Up
Electronic Music Andean Beats, Techno music, Psytrance, Darkpsy, Hi-Tech, Progressive, Darkprog and more with the best Artist & Djs locals international
Visuals lasers
01 August in the Andes we celebrate the Mother Earth's Day (Pachamama) is time to offering to our mother earth , gratitude for give to us food , water, oxygen, land where to live, etc.
without the Mother Earth the existence of the humanity doesn't exist , time to become aware.

We celebrate dancing , Laughing, be happy, respecting each others.
Open Air
21hrs music Non-Stop
Camping Area
Food & Drink Area

#Trance #party #Cusco #Peru #Power #Mountains #pachamama #day #august #Andes #travel #psychedelic #psytrance #technomusic
more info soon
Psycret cusco area
Entry fee
Entry fee
Pre-Sale Tickets 35 soles @ door 50 soles
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