LOVETRIP · 14 Feb 2023 · Pokhara (Nepal)


Open Air
· Starts in 9d 20h
Line Up
Xyyborg - Dark Forest // Hi-tech (XMBL)

Bom Pom b2b Cheyenne - Dark Ritual (Digital Nomad Records)

RxR - Progressive Grooves

DJ Ghishing - Full-on / Prog Tribe

More to come...
A Valentine's Day psychotherapy sesh in Pokhara Nepal

Hark! Good friends, come and join the merriment,
In Pokhara, Nepal, where a secret location is meant,
To be revealed to ticket holders and broke-ass family,
Where beats doth pound, with love, spirit, and quality.

Xyyborg, seeker of the harmonies of the decks,
Will set the night alight with deep bass that simply wrecks,
Brother Bom Pom, the beat shaman, will join forces with Cheyenne,
To bring a B2B set that will leave you breathless, blessed,
and feeling a little bit bubbly.

RXR, the love machine duo, shall keep you on your feet,
With progressive that will leave you feeling complete.
Ghishing, the reverse bringer of rivers, shall stay so strong,
With waves to make you groove so long,

Cheyenne is a multi-talented performer, who shall also astound,
With visuals to leave you slippin' and spellbound,
Further, stage decorations most trippin and out of this dimension,
From these hearts to yours, to release all that tension.

An audio delight that shall stimulate thy mind,
Leaving thee in awe with what thou shall find.

So pack thy goodies and come forth,
To Pokhara's semi-secret and super safe location, just a bit North.
We shall dance past the morning, forgetting our woes, foes, and toes
Until and long after the psytrance love overflows.


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