Lost Theory - Berlin Edition

Lost Theory - Berlin Edition 27 Apr '19, 23:00
Party flyer: Lost Theory - Berlin Edition 27 Apr '19, 23:00
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::::::::::::::PSY LAB::::::::::::::

❖ Arjuna // Parvati Records (Italy)

❖ Orestis // Sonic Loom (Greece) soundcloud

❖ Dark Whisper // Alice-D Production (Germany/Italy) soundcloud

❖ Megalopsy // Dark Prisma Records (Argentina) soundcloud

❖ Ankur // Quintessence Records soundcloud

❖ Yons // Quintessence Records soundcloud

❖ Abralabim // Fractal Nebula Records/Discovalley soundcloud
❖ Sasha // Quintessence/Lost Theory/Kamino soundcloud

:::::::::::::FUSION LAB:::::::::::::

❖ Krumelur // Zenon Records (Sweden) soundcloud

❖ Ash Roy // Soupherb Records (India) soundcloud

❖ Hans Dunkelkammer // Quintessence/Soupherb soundcloud

❖ Ankurbln aka Sharad Sood // Soupherb Records soundcloud

❖ Adamson aka Alic // Digital Diamonds Netlabel soundcloud

:::::::::::SECRET FLOOR:::::::::::

❖ Arteriam (Guatemala) soundcloud

❖ Merlin Genschel soundcloud

❖ Jack Bimski Session
❖ Ihti Anderson / Visual Art Installation/Lycra (Ukraine)

❖ Radiate / Video Mapping[radiate.be]

❖ VisuAL Light / Video Mapping/Constructions[facebook.com]

❖ Chargedmind / Video Mapping[facebook.com]

❖ Visionary Art Gallery by Collider Art[artcollider.net]
❖ Huge Outdoor Area with a beautiful chapel

❖ Limited Presale Tickets for 17€ via Psy7 & Marandai

::::::::::ABOUT LOST THEORY FESTIVAL::::::::::

This event is a teaser for Lost Theory Festival, which is annually taking place in the breathtaking landscapes of Extremadura, Spain.

Many moons ago when the Lost Theory was born, the dream was for community, unity and serious fun, to be achieved within a sustainable project, where nature, technology and creativity collide. Originally located in Croatia and relocated to the stunning landscapes of Extremadura, Spain, Lost Theory Festival is all about getting lost in the experience, secured by the safe haven of a strong festivaltribe.

Now, for the first time ever, it's gonna make it's way to Berlin for a Teaser event, delivering you the unique vibe that this festival is known for since its first edition.
Anomalie Art Club
Storkower Str. 123
10407 Berlin
[left/behind of Mensch Meier]

Closest S-Bahn Stations:
Landsberger Allee & Greifswalder Straße
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Entry fee
Lost Theory Crew / Quintessence Records
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