Lost Project pres Spirit Tribe : Ascension Bangkok · 3 Mar 2018 · Bangkok (Thailand)

Lost Project pres Spirit Tribe : Ascension Bangkok

Party Flyer Lost Project pres Spirit Tribe : Ascension Bangkok 3 Mar '18, 20:00
Party Flyer Lost Project pres Spirit Tribe : Ascension Bangkok 3 Mar '18, 20:00
Line Up
__________ Line Up___________

Atoned Splendor ( Goa Production - UK )

DK (Goa Production - China)

Satori Snooks ( Goa Production - Germany)
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Pzychobiz (Moon Mountain - Thailand)

Bladers Hypnotize (Psyhead Community - Thailand)
Décor 装饰 by Infinite Bizarre 无限魔力堂 / Psyhead Community (Thailand)

VJ : Crystal Cortex
Lost project proudly presents our first collaboration event with Spirit Tribe crew from China , to bring you the warm up party for Spirit Tribe V: Ascension 灵族 五:进化 in the middle of Bangkok

2018’s Ascension is the fifth edition of Spirit Tribe’s electronic music and arts festival in Yunnan, China. An unprecedented international line up on three stages – three days and nights of Psytrance on the Dance Meadow, an eclectic range of electronic music including House, Nu Disco, Techno, Minimal and Bass at Raver’s Ravine and the Aural Oasis, a dedicated stage for Chill Out and Acoustic music.

Every year the Spirit Tribe valley is turned into one prodigious living and breathing art space.

The theme each year revolves around the festivals name - for 2018 that is “Ascension”. The act or process of ascending, rising or increasing to higher levels, values, or degrees

After our Re:Birth in 2017 the 2018 edition of Spirit Tribe sees everyone involved striving to improve and attain the highest possible level of production we can throughout every aspect of the festival. From the artists, DJs, performers involved, right through to the decor, sound systems, food, drinks, camping areas, recycling and much much more.
To embody this mammoth undertaking we have chosen two symbols that we have joined together to express the unique international exchange that takes place during the festival between Chinese eastern culture and the rest of the world.

To symbolize and project our intention of Ascension through a global cultural framework we have chosen to use the triskelion. The triskelion has been used by a great number of cultures all over the world including Maltese, Greek, Mycenaean, Sicilian, Japanese, and Korean. However it is probably most widely associated with Celtic culture. Having been used in a multitude of cultures and over such a long period time, a symbol such as the triskelion will undoubtedly have numerous and diverse meanings. As with any symbol, it’s the intention of the user which really has the power to define it and in turn then use it to manifest that will. For Spirit Tribe V: Ascension we are empowering this symbol with one of the Celtic interpretations that is: personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion.

We really look forward to get LOST with you guys soon in the unforgettable nights on our way to Ascension!

Join us if you are in Thailand .. Let's get LOST together soon !!

+++ Travel to event+++

• Get off at "SALA DAENG STATION (SILOM LINE) use exit 1 then keep walking around 5 min until you find Silom Soi 8 , WHITELINE is locate at the corner

• Just tell driver to drop you at Silom Soi 8 then you will see WHITELINE in front of you

• Get off at "SILOM STATION" use exit 2 then then keep walking around 10 min until you find Silom Soi 8 , WHITELINE is locate at the corner

- You can meet Hotanaka Wattna Papa at 8pm in Soi Rambutri , He will be around Minivan bus bar watching football in soi Rambutri. The bar is 200 metre or less from opposite site of Sawasdee hotel ,keep your eyes for the bar with minivan ,So u can find him there then He will bring you to the party
Silom Soi 8
10500 Bangkok
Sound Styles
400 THB ( Free 1 Drink )
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