Lost in Time Records Presents: From 18 to 19 · 31 Dec 2018 · WestFlanders (Belgium)

Lost in Time Records Presents: From 18 to 19

Over: 2y 8m
Line Up

20-22 : Ambient set
22-00 : Pacta Laca
00-1h30: Toi Doi
1h30- 3h30: Psytek
3h30-5h30: Spacemuchi
5h30 - 7h30: Inada
7h30-9: Exogen
9-10h30: Moya
10h-12: Elfra
12-14: Chakras
14-16: Psy-Mush
16-??: Dr Psylocibe


22-00: Trala Lama
00-02: Exodub
02-04: Fatcat (dePousse)
04-06: Cloudwalker
06-08: Elfra
08-10: Gift
10-12: Lennert
12 - ??: Lugus
Deco & Lights
Artrance Visionary Collectiive Video Mapping !!!
bhaskara ananta in uptempo area
Trala Lama in downtempo area
Special friend "L.ST"
More then 10 years, LOST IN TIME New Year's party is noted in every bodies mind... Like every two years, we will make a night to remember...

We are inviting you on our new year's eve night...
Please be welcome on this private family gathering....

More information is ahead...
Sound: supurb... nobody will say the day before it doesn't go...
back to the old days, ultimate sound and audio technology....

Do you know what goa is??? place in india, yes, place where the good minds meet each other, yes, place where magic happens.... helll.... yes
heaven.... sounds, people, family, minds....

This is a private party, please ask around in your network !
Sending your name to 18to19@lostintime.be is needed, so we can put you on the list, so you can enter the private party... Location is not provided via this mail... ask around :)


Meeting point will be the railroad station in Ypres (yes, the place known from the First World War)
After or before the party, you can visit this place if you want.
The owner of the party location also has a HOTEL and offers 10% discount for the partypeople!
Contact me on email!
Is not announced online. It's a private party.... Read this thread very good and if you want to come, contact your social network....:)
Sound Styles
presale at 10€ (only 300)
last tickets at the door (100) at 12€
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