Lonely Forest - is back ! 21 Oct '17, 22:00
Party flyer: Lonely Forest - is back ! 21 Oct '17, 22:00
Line Up
★ live/dj BIOSYNTHESIS [berlin] soundcloud
is a project formed together by two close friends
"Gorump Peyya & Dantrex". since 2012 is the only one part
of Biosynthesis "Dantrex" from Poland in Berlin.
Dantrex was 2010 at Lonely Forest for the first time & he's the
owner of Evil Knivel Records [facebook.com]

★ live KALILASKOV AS [israel] soundcloud
means 'the kind one' in Belorussian & AS stands for Atomic Station.
he started in 2000 after his first release on ''NABI-records'',
became Vadim very quickly a new member in the israel
psychedelic trance scene. Vadim was 2010 at Lonely Forest for
the first time & he's the owner of Ohm Ganesh Pro [facebook.com]

★ live PSYCHOZ [nürnberg] soundcloud
he plays over 20 instruments professionaly. in the past 20 years
with over 500 songs released on around 70 labels.
Psychoz is still playing his infamous live sets around the globe,
where he shows his extraordinary skills with real performance
by playing many instruments, mostly keyboard. [facebook.com]

★ live TAKSHA [berlin] soundcloud
Taksha is the first dance music project of Hinrich M.
Made for the night this trax coming fresh from the underground.
Only available at SOUNDCLOUD and EKTOPLAZM.
Hinrich was 2008 at Lonely Forest for the first time &
he is member at the label LFP Music [facebook.com]

★ live TERRAMOOG [harz-mountain] soundcloud
Terramoog is the project of Gordon D. from Hildesheim,
he started producing Psytrance in 2005 and since then
creating music and dancing are the most enjoyable things in his life.
together with his friends he organizes beautiful private parties in and
around his hometown where he plays his carefully created liveacts.
In 2008 he played live at the well known german Fusion Festival
which influenced him a lot.so, enjoy his music and have a
"Psychedelic Groovy" time ;) [facebook.com]

★ dj ARKADIUS & LIL MOMO [harz-mountain] soundcloud
they both started playing in 2001. since 2002 they are always
together on the decks & stage. they have played at many
major festivals in Europe. the two were for the first time 2007
at Lonely Forest, In 2008 playing at Planet B.E.N. Records
since 2011 they organize the Magica Open Air & they are
a part of MOSAICO Records [facebook.com]

★ dj GOAZILLA [hamburg] soundcloud
If he appears at a party, the dance floor starts shaking
with heavy quakes and even tired folks wake up dancing.
Goazilla became a crowd-pleaser magnets in and around Hamburg.
Psychedelic Circus 2004 was the first international festival
where he played, numerous events followed. Bernd was
2008 at Lonely Forest for the first time, he currently plays
under the label OV-Silence Music [facebook.com]

★ dj LARS LEE [berlin] soundcloud
since 1999 play he on psytrance partys in
of the state capital Berlin as well as countless
open air parties on the island of Koh Phangan.
Lars was 2010 at Lonely Forest for the first time
with his live guitare. he currently plays under
the label LFP Music & Phangan Records [facebook.com]

★ dj SKYLANDER [russia] mixcloud
one of the first pioneer label dj of Ohm Ganesh Pro.
resident of Top Secret Promo and Syntex Lab
promo groups in Moscow and well known from many
parties and festivals in Russia

★ dj STONY [hessen] soundcloud
since 2000 psytrance dj. traveled and played on parties in
Portugal & Morocco. in 2005 Stony founded Green Planet
Production with the Psychedelic River Ship Trip in Sevilla / Spain.
in Germany, he is traveling in the Hessen region.
for now he plays with the label LFP Music [facebook.com]

★ dj TANTE DARKMAR [hamburg]
circles should be closed whether Goazilla or Tante Darkmar,
it must be psychedelic - the circle is closed.... [facebook.com]

★ MICROPTICS - space creators [hamburg]

★ MILE - light effect [hamburg]

★ The Lucky Housedragon - chai/coffee, bratwurst, u.s.w.

★ Fire Juggling/Performens
❉ Gathering of Psytrance Progressive & Darkpsy Music

➤ LFP Music

➤ Ohm Ganesh Pro

★ only 18+
★ 2 floors
★ car parking place
★ timetable see you on the dancefloor
★ glühwein at the outdoor-bar on the sun deck
★ win free-ticket ➤ [facebook.com]

.╔═══════ location

The MS STUBNITZ is a largely original vehicle of the deep-sea fishing industry of the former DDR, although important areas of the ship had to be structurally modified for today's use. The electromechanical machinery and its DC technology, the command bridge with radio and card room,the residential and social areas such as chambers, galley, O-fair, as well as the bordeigene hospital.
The former processing deck and the former cooling loaders are despite the dismantling of the processing plants as rooms are largely in the original state. In addition, reflects the outer appearance of the vessel unchanged the state of the last period of fishing use.

Since 1992 the ship became a mobile platform for music, cultural production, Documentation and communication. Three former loops are regular as venues for live music, exhibitions, performances and installations.


❉ more infos coming soon ..

★ MS Stubnitz - Kirchenpauerkai 29, 20457 Hamburg
from U-Bahn HafenCity Universität ➤ ca:10-15min to go...
Entry fee
Entry fee
★ from 22:oo - 24:oo ➤ 1o euro
★ from 24:oo - o6.oo ➤ 15 euro
★ from o6:oo ➤ no ticket, no entry !!!

★ birthday people ➤ 10euro
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