Liquid Love 25 Years Anniversary Etnica-Pleiadians Live · 9 Mar 2019 · Athens (Greece)


Liquid Love 25 Years Anniversary Etnica-Pleiadians Live

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Max Lanfranconi
Leading man of acclaimed projects such as Etnica, Pleiadians, and Tecnica - DJ and producer Max Lanfranconi has been on a tear since the 1980's, jet-setting the world over with his spectacular dj-sets: from Brazil to Japan, Australia to Goa, Israel to South Africa, Scandinavia, Germany, Portugal Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and much, much more. Thanks to his showmanship and stage presence, along with his invincible musical selection, Max has received accolades including 'best trance DJ' at the prestigious IBIZA DJ AWARDS. Long-time resident of global clubbing capital IBIZA and co-founder of San Miguel-based SOUND FARM STUDIOS (premium audio-visual recording and post-production facilities of the White Isle), Max's global legion of fans keeps growing as he continuously reinvents himself while at the pinnacle of contemporary electronic music.

Maurizio Begotti
Musical mastermind and producer-extraordinaire at the helm of acclaimed projects such as Etnica, Pl eiadians, and Tecnica - Mauri has, over the years, become a usual suspect featured in the line-ups of prestigious events all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, Athens, Milan, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Bali, and much more. Commandeering the state-of-the-art mothership that is SOUND FARM STUDIOS (IBIZA), his impressive array of albums and hit singles is distinguished by his artistic finesse, refined musical oeuvre and profound technical know-how. Inspired by a myriad dance-floors and countless studio hours on the White Isle amidst the industry's best, Mauri continuously innovates his sound and ventures into new sonic territories, firmly keeping his work at the vanguard of contemporary electronic music.

Nikos Liquid Love
Nikos Liatsikas aka Nikos LL was born in Athens and he is a pioneer of the greek psytrance scene & organizer of "Liquid Love" parties. His first party, on 1994, was with Dj from (TIP records) and was the beginning of the psy-trance scene in Greece!! Since then he organized hundreds of parties and he is a well respected Dj, promoter and producer for almost 24 years now. Nikos LL has played in Greece,India, USA(Psytribe),Holland,UK,Romania and more countries, in various underground parties and festivals. As a Dj and producer Nikos LL desire for interaction with the crowd allows him to combine his own sound and style, entrancing and often surprising the dancefloor.

Greg Staikos Shivaratatri - Cronomi records
Greg Staikos was born in Athens the early 70s. His interest in music first arose while he was 10. Six years of seeking for new streams always in the margin of the scene, and then started mixing in public. At the same time another need was the radio producing. So, the 90’s find him as a pioneer of electronic music with performances at the most underground parties and clubs in Greece ( Trancemedia , Sunrise zone residency Alsos,Amorphia,well known private open air trance parties and festivals) playing the best and most unreleased psychedelic trance from his hundreds of dat tapes he owned and radio producer in the most famous underground music radio stations (Space, Life , Nrg ).

N-igma Baraka - Bounce Records
[] Having over fifteen years DJ career, N-igma is considered to be one of the leading trance DJs and promoters in Greece. Konstantinos Tsiatsios, aka DJ N-igma, was born in Athens and since his teenage years got hooked up to psy-trance parties. Moving to the magical island of Rodos for studies, at the late 90s, he started making his own parties and playing sets at the biggest local clubs and beach parties organised at that time. After living in UK for two years and expanding his music knowledge, he returned to Athens and started making his own parties under the “Baraka” name. Hosting artists like E-Clip, Indra, Hi-Profile, Orca, Aphid Moon, Fobi, Virtuanoise, Shidapu, Pause and many more. His growing reputation gave him a chance to become a resident DJ for F.S.I. Dance Events, the greatest and most innovative organisation in Greece. This made him widely know for his diversity in his sets, from progressive trance with pumping, groovy sounds to morning full-on with uplifting melodies and killer kicks, as he shared decks with the biggest names of the scene : Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, G.M.S., Astrix, Neelix, Bizzare Contact, Atmos, Egorythmia etc. Having started his own productions nowdays, his aim is to deliver to the audience the most updated and creative trance music.

Mike Sync
He began listening to Goa trance music in 95'.That was in a forest party in a mountain near Athens which marked him for a lifetime. These were moments of pure love and happiness that shaped his destiny for the years to come.
He began getting involved actively as a Dj in small private parties across Greece and it didn’t take long to soon perform with some of the greatest pioneers of Greece.
His music flow explores the groovy morning sound with a pinch of the real psychedelic sound. Although influenced from old school artists, never deviates from the progress of today’s sound.
Black Box Methodia Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 113 & Αγίου Όρους 15, Αθήνα - Βοτανικός
Fullon · Goatrance · Psychedelic · Psytrance
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