L'Eglise 3 Jun '17, 20:00
Party flyer: L'Eglise 3 Jun '17, 20:00
Line Up
Line Up
Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx (MORD, Semantica, UKR)
Xxxx Xxxxx X Xxx Xx (Heavy Snatch Rec., CH)
Xx Xxx (Pie XIII, ID)
Xxxxxxx (GangBang Concept, CH)
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx (Junction Records, FR)
Dance of redemption at the crossroads of the real and the imaginary ...

An interdimensional journey to a place where the boundaries of the mind no longer exist and where souls are one.

An exclusive ceremony that, during a long night punctuated by the heaviest Techno, will let each human-being the freedom to be.

Reach the light at the end of the tunnel, enter the round and come to expiate your vices in the secret abysses of the confessionals.
- Battle: +18 years
- Pre-Quest: SOLDOUT
- Quest: 25.-
- Organs: Funktion One
- Communion: Berlin Prize
- Place of worship: 46.222008, 7.368547

* Location privatized and arranged for the occasion.

* For reasons of respect, photos and videos are forbidden.
It is advisable to leave your smartphone in the car or in a bag in the locker room. This night is yours, take advantage.

* For the comfort of our guests the places are limited. Registration for the event is required to enter. Being part of the guest list does not guarantee access to the venue.

* For registration contact us on goabase our directly to Lenny Belardo (Scret Evnt) on Facebook.
Entry fee
Entry fee
25 CHF
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