Le Boule de Boule invites Økapi · 12 May 2018 · Nijmegen (Netherlands)


Le Boule de Boule invites Økapi

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Line Up
-- Big area --
Økapi describes his own music style during his live sets as ‘insane or crazy music’. We would describe it as a mix of different underground music styles like techno, breakbeat, electro, 8-bit, tekno and drum and bass with happy, cheerful, clownish, jazzy and Balkan-like melodies and influences.

The Lost Dicks
The Lost Dicks have proven that they can turn the roof upside down during the first edition of Le Boule de Boule with electroswing. This joyful music style combines the influence of vintage swing and jazz with electro from this time.

De Raggende Tak
De Rakkende Tak (also known as Hak op de Tak and Handjeklap) will finish the evening with Raggatek/Jungletek, a mix of tekno and jungle with reaggae and balkan influences.

-- Small area --
Ben will open the evening with a swinging set to get everyone in the mood. He will mix different music styles including disco, 90’s, electro, glitch, bas and funk.

Jesse Marcinski
He will delight us with a groovy and funky tech(house) set.

Jorine (Glitchy Tonic Records)
Jorine is known for her dark progressive and forest music sets. She will play a swinging, jazzy and psychedelic set during Le Boule de Boule.

Tim Tucan
Deep into the tropical rain forest, freaky bass lines, ethnic sounds and bulky beats have taken off from the quicksand. Tim Tucan presents this archaeological discovery to the public in Nijmegen on Le Boule de Boule.
*** Visual Art ***
Selwin Vervoort

*** Creative Entertainment ***
Lena den Braber

*** Deco ***
Le Boule de Boule
Bonjour Boulies!
Le Boule de Boule is back, this time with our personal hero, Økapi! He is coming especially for this party all the way from Rome to turn the room upside down. This Fairy Freakshow edition will have 2 areas and a fantastic terrace. There will be a cosy dancing area in ‘Het Stijgercafe’ where there is also enough space to chill out with your two-headed and furry friends. In the main area there will be enough space to dance around with al your limbs and afterwards you can chill at a fireplace on the terrace. With which freak does you alter ego feels connected? We love to see it on Saturday the 12th of May.
Stijgercafé De Dock
Le Boule de Boule
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