Last AMP.Psychedelic Christmas 25 Dec '18, 23:00
Party flyer: Last AMP.Psychedelic Christmas 25 Dec '18, 23:00
Line Up
Psy / Proggy Floor

- Metaprog (Sun Department Records, HH)
- Mind Void (Alien Records, HH)
- CD Wexler (Digedax)
- Pandu (Digedax)
- Jespa (Levitation Elements)
- Johnson Patrick (Lost in Nature)
- Psyber Kick (Psychedelic Theatre)
- Deep Køntakt (Goa'head Records)Chile

Techno Floor

- Lex n' Lara (Wasted Talents) (CH)
- Double Impact (Ostfunk)
- Pat Sundaze (Move Contol)
- Marc Schünemann (AMP.)
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Dircksenstraße 123, 10178 Berlin
Direkt am S+U Alexanderplatz
M-BIA Club direkt am Alexanderplatz im Herzen von Berlin
Dircksenstr.123 / 10178 Berlin
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