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◄K.I.P.O.D Crew░Worst.Case.Scenario 5 Oct '17, 23:30
Party flyer: ◄K.I.P.O.D Crew░Worst.Case.Scenario 5 Oct '17, 23:30
Line Up
Hello again human creatures

Yea yea... we missed u
U missed us ... we hope ツ

So once again we will gather
For another psychedelic activity

More details will be down page

But first... this savage lineup::::::

▲ Noise Gust
Omveda Rec. ∞ 3 Hrs Live ∞ Japan
▲ Noitrik
Alice-D Rec. ∞ 3 Hrs Live ∞ U.K
▲ Pastor John
Zulutunes Rec. ∞ 3 Hrs Live ∞ S.Africa
▲ Obscore
Somnium Rec.
▲ Zentagon
CyberBay Rec.
▲ Blasted Bindi
Kamino Rec.
▲ Family Guyz
Kipod Crew

So.... like always

The party will take place in

Pure Nature
Friends Only
NO presale!

It's gonna be long 14 hrs of pure psychedelica
The event will take place at one of our beautiful forests.
So bring your camping gear
And let's go weird together ☣

Plz try to keep this info only to yourselves.
And plz take care of your selves, drink alot.
We will take care the rest.

So we see u very soon
Till then drive safe

And don't try this at home

K.I.P.O.D > Keep. It. Psychedelic. Or. Die (¬‿¬)
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K.I.P.O.D Crew
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