Katharsis 1 Sep '18, 21:00
Party flyer: Katharsis 1 Sep '18, 21:00
Line Up
Live Music:
KIEW (Out of Line): Experimental Electro-Industrial
META MEAT (Ant-Zen/Audiotrauma): Tribal Electro-Industrial
S.K.E.T. (Hands): Political Rhythm Industrial
ZAN LYONS: Live A/V and strings
NOIRE ANTIDOTE (Audiotrauma): Post-Industrial/Witch House
ECSTASPHERE (Audiotrauma): Special Ambient Set
CHAOTALION: Electronic Soundscapes

Performance Art:
MAD KATE | THE TIDE: sexWORKperformanceART Post-Punk
ANTOINE PANACHÉ (Barreuh Records): Avant-Garde Experimental Outsider Drag Darkness

Art Installation by:
EPISTROPHE - Art Kollektiv

THEDI (Kiew)
A/ONA (Drone Berlin)
SUPERSIMMETRIA (Hands/Monolith Rec.)
AKOASMA (Mondmaler)
LUNAXINE (Katharsis)
In Aristotelian poetics, "catharsis" describes the highest form of spiritual purification through art appreciation. Contemporary psychology also uses the term to describe the phenomenon when the soul frees itself of negative emotion by acting out suppressed inner conflicts. For us, catharsis is an encounter with ourselves, a look at our own substance which we can achieve only when the music clasps us in its arms, when we taste the precious freedom of devoting ourselves to the sounds unconditionally.

From KATHARSIS you can expect a mixture of all different styles of the industrial sound aesthetics, but also a lot beyond that. The focus lies on rhythmics and hypnotizing soundscapes. There will be music to dance to and music to dream to. In the proper sense of catharsis, we want to cleanse ourselves of conventional musical dogmas and the boundaries in sound aesthetics which we are being induced with every day.

We want to break tonal taboos, explore unusual frequency ranges and open up our mind to the unheard.You are invited to worship the music and worship yourself in this collective night of catharsis.

Purge yourself, free yourself, celebrate yourself.
MS Stubnitz, Kirchenpauerkai 29, 20457 Hamburg
(U4 Hafencity/Universität)
Entry fee
Entry fee
15€ at the doors, 13€ presale
Presale: [pretix.eu]
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