Karny Kult Presents : Mysterion & Will O Wisp (Dark Prisma Records)

Karny Kult Presents : Mysterion & Will O Wisp (Dark Prisma Records) 27 Jul '19, 19:00
Party flyer: Karny Kult Presents : Mysterion & Will O Wisp (Dark Prisma Records) 27 Jul '19, 19:00
Line Up
Indoor :

Acid Tester (DJ)
Mysterion (Live)
Arkturus (DJ)
Twisted Nature (DJ)
Will O Wisp(live)

Outdoor :

In Spirit
Rod Minus
Projection Mapping by BackslashD
Karny Kult is delighted to present : Mysterion (Dark Prisma Records)

After many years of sonic exploration as Will O’ Wisp, Mysterion appeared as an organic mutation directed towards slower tempos. Bringing profound sonic potions and rolling basslines designed to unlock secrets and engimas this project will be packed with infectious grooves, deeper atmospheres, and fresh energetic moments.


We are super excited to present Mysterion during this psychedelic night in cooperation with some great local artists & visual performances. Expect some funky forest & night time psychedelic music, filled with subtle melodies, lush & deep atmospheres & soundscapes, sonic sound & a highly energetic night!

10 Euros - Presale tickets [150 Available]
15 Euros - Wristbands from the door


Indoor Stage(8pm to 6am):

Twisted Nature
Acid Tester
Crnorizec Hrabar

Outdoor Stage (7pm to 1am) :

In Spirit
Rod Minus

[More TBA]

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Visuals & Performances▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Visual Art Performance - That Fire Girl
Projection/Visual Mapping - Bernard Mifsud from Backslashd
Entry fee
Entry fee
Karny Kult
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