Jiva Atma: Vamana · 19 Dec 2015 · Zonnebeke (Belgium)

Jiva Atma: Vamana

· Over: 7y 1m
Line Up
✿ Live:

∞ E-Mantra - (Suntrip Rec.) 【 ROMANIA 】
{ Let the magical effect of the mantra guide you on your way to reach the state of mental and physical purety. This spiritual guidance will be brought to you by the one and only master of these mystical journeys ... he will show you the way! }

∞ Dragon Twins - (Cronomi Rec.) 【 BE 】Special Liveset
{ More than 2 decades ago, in the year of the dragon, a twin was born, with an appetite that mother nature herself couldn't fulfill. Their diet didn't only consist out of the food that mankind consumed, but also out of deviant frequencies and acid-dripping harmonies. }

✿ Dj set:

∞ Lynx - (Suntrip Rec.) 【 BE 】
{ The wizard of melody, master of euphory ... Release yourself and let him take you away to the land of eternal bliss! }

∞ Kuririn - (Goa Madness Rec.) 【 BE 】
{ This guy is wel known for his powerful melodic sets..pure psychedelic sounds are coming right at you..prepare to get blasted away with true goa madness! }

∞ Gnome - (Amanita Muscaria) 【 BE 】
{ Gnome will play a tribute set as ode to one of his favourite artists. Deep melancholic melodies will rise from the dark depths, MIRANDA will be awakened! }

∞ Dionysos 【 BE 】
{ Upcoming talent with a case of music ... more powerful then pandora's box, keep an eye and ear on this one! }
∞ Decoration by Mimesis - Psychedelic Art【 SPAIN 】
∞ Soundsystem by ...

∞ Photography by Kwalmedia

∞ CD shop by Suntrip Records

∞ Clothes shop by Absolem.belgium

There is a limited capacity of 300 people,
so we ensure everyone enough dancing space!

We say no to drugs, let the music drift you away!
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Entry fee
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