Jikooha Night! 29 Jun '19, 23:00
Party flyer: Jikooha Night! 29 Jun '19, 23:00
Line Up
【Main Floor】
JIKOOHA (Matsuri Digital / Panorama Rec. / Shamanarchy)
Shimodi (Jikooha / Shamanarchy)

Jun (Jikooha / Shamanarchy)
Tomocomo (Panorama Rec. / Shamanarchy)


【Alternative Floor】
Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Matsuri Digital / PRANA / GoKen)
FUNKY GONG (Matsuri Digital / IDPS)
KENZO-A (L.E.F. / DayDream Believers / Planet)
seiji animaminimal (Dance Of Shiva / Funland Disco)
Biyoyon (Panorama Rec.)
HRK (aka Mijinko, Matsuri Digital Chill / Zion 604)
At last the special party “JIKOOHA NIGHT!” will be held by goa trance band JIKOOHA with Koenji Cave and Matsuri Digital on 29th June!!

The main floor will be made up from Jikooha’s 2.5hour long live set, Shimodi’s solo live set, Jun’s acid dj set, and also a special goa trance set from Tomocomo whose very 1st ep 《Venus Dawn》will be released from israeli goa trance label “Zion 604 records” on June 2019.

The lounge named “Alternative Floor”, Tsuyoshi, Funky Gong, Kenzo-A、Seiji Animaminima, Biyoyon and HRK will show off their rock dj set.

Come join us and have fun with your free spirits!!


JIKOOHA 2.5h long live set
+ Tomocomo 1st ep “Venus Dawn” release special

▲Date : 2019.6.29 (Sat) Open / Start 23:00 pm
▲Venue : Koenji cave

◆JIKOOHA NIGHT! 特典として先着20名様に、JIKOOHA旧タイトルCDを1枚プレゼント!
▧DJ's Bar CAVE▧
東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビルB1
ACP building B1,4-23-5 Koenjiminami,
Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Entry fee
Entry fee
▲Entrance : 2,500 Yen *Discountは出演者へ / Ask Discount for Artists
Koenji cave

and Matsuri Digital
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