Inti Qilla - Solstice & FullMoon · 21 Dec 2018 · Cusco (Peru)

Inti Qilla - Solstice & FullMoon

Open Air
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Line Up
Line up!
Washuma - Psygressive
TupaQ - Techno
PsyTayta - PsyTrance
GuilleVarry - Psytrance
Exodo - PsyTrance
Espiritus - Darkpsy
Mike Angelo - Techno
Chemikall - Psytrance
Aquamorfus - Forest
Musuk - Techno
cosmic deco ,visuals, laser
Inti Qilla is a social work for christmas, gift a smile to the 120 children of the Andean Community of Yuncaypata, Cusco.
with your Donation S/.30 soles you will give to the children a gift, hot chocolate, a cake, you receive 1 ticket for the solstice & fullmoon party at the night that will be at the community of yuncaypata.

volunters for help to the children are welcome
the event start at 15hrs 21 dec 2018
camping area, bonfire, food & drink area
Andean Community of Yuncaypata
15 min from Cusco City
take the buses "Huerto" from Rosaspata Market ,price 1 sol until Yuncaypata
Entry fee
Entry fee
donation S/.30 soles
Tickets at
"Procu's Market" - Street Procuradores #330 - Cusco
"Quilla Tattoo" - Chihuampata #543 - San Blas - Cusco
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