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✔ ॐ★ TICON★ॐ Live
(SWEDEN - Iboga Records.)
The successful Ticon grooves comes from Filip Mårdberg of vintage year 1979 and Fredrik Gilenholt of an equivalent 1977. The story of their musical involvement dates long back as they in 1991 found the mutual interest for underground dance music and became friends. Fredrik had already been listening to hard trance and acid techno for a while and introduced Filip who, probably due to the size of their hometown Malmoe - Sweden (and maybe his age), had never heard anything like it but was immediately addicted. It didn`t take long before they both started to dream about making this music themselves and with an Amiga 500 they where on the go.

With a deep background in the techno scene they started playing around on their computer in 1995 and this step brought them along many paths they hadn't dreamed of. The experience acquired along the way has switched the scene from the amateur thing of the beginning to the standard of today; an acclaimed production with an exquisite feeling for sounds and percussion. The project Ticon was started in 1999 as a natural progression towards something new and they soon got the attention deserved. Their unique style walks the thin line between progressive house and trance with crossover excursions on both sides. This gives their music a variation from the floorfilling to the hipswinging funky but they all emit the Ticon sound and the message to be happy and to be loosing it to the music.

✔ ॐ★ FLASH JACK★ॐ Live
(SWISS - New Kicks Records.)

Born in 1989, Flash Jack is a Dj/producer from Switzerland, resident in Lugano.
After his first contact with the universe of psychedelic parties, he began his career playing as a Dj since 2012.
Fascinated by the idea of creating his own style he became soon interested in producing his own music and he found in the progressive-psytrance his means of expression of art and life.
After launching his own project at the end of 2016, thanks to the pulsating power of his remarkable grooves that always leave its trademark during his presentation, he attracted the attention of the public, leading him to play in several cities of Switzerland, adding a lot of knowledge and generating a maturity year after year in his productions.
Flash Jack follows an innovative line, exploring new textures and applying all his versatility in the composition of his songs and in his unique style of sound, to bring to the public an energetic, innovative and engaging sound caracterized by a psychedelic and dancing atmosphere.
He is currently signed with “New Kicks Records”(Israel) and “Madabeats Records”(Mexico) and supported by "Progvision" and "KF Records" , as well he has several successful releases through labels such as "Blue Tunes Records", "Madabeats", "New Kicks Records","Regroup Records" and "Prog Box Digital".
Now with more than 3 years of work in his project, he already accumulates more than 20 released tracks, of which 4 EP and 6 singles reached the Top 100 psytrance charts on BeatPort.
He has performed at major festivals in Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand, Austria and Italy, among which Halfmoon festival (THAI), Burning Mountain festival(CH), Mystica (CH), Raumklang(CH) and Psybox(AU), and now aims to bring his unique and original music to other countries. Project fans can expect more bombs for 2019!

✔ ॐ★ALE POWER ★ॐ
(SWISS -Saska Crew.)

(.SWISS - Saska Crew)
Vanilla Club
Via Cantonale (Riazzino)
6596 Lavertezzo
Fullon · Psytrance


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