Illuminacja V -Tropical Bleyage & DigiCult & J.ThermoBee + afterparty

Illuminacja V -Tropical Bleyage & DigiCult & J.ThermoBee + afterparty 22 Mar '19, 21:00
Party flyer: Illuminacja V -Tropical Bleyage & DigiCult & J.ThermoBee + afterparty 22 Mar '19, 21:00
Line Up
★Scena Main★
DigiCult (Dacru Records / Belgia)
Tropical Bleyage (Dacru Records / Serbia)
Kaktus (Be psychedelic)
Remo Klein (Be psychedelic)
Tuszi Tushe (Be psychedelic)

★Scena Techno/Acid Techno★
Acid Orange Crew showcase:
Jethro Thermobee - (Live From Hackney / UK)
R-miX - (Acid Orange Crew)
ROBO - (Acid Orange Crew)
PAKO - (Acid Orange Crew)

★Scena Chillout★
Asphodel (Moon Unity)
Bladinium (Medulla Oblongata / Prototypy)
Daclee (Be psychedelic)
Kaktus (Be psychedelic)
Muzyczny Krawiec
Transcendental Spirit (Litwa)
Baba Yaga's Masks (Be psychedelic)
Psyday art (Be psychedelic)
Przemek Kryszk (Architipi) - (Be psychedelic)
Party starts at 9pm.
Afterparty: Carnivale Bar Gdynia
Plays Jethro ThermoBee, Acid Orange Crew and Be Psychedelic.
Entry fee
Entry fee
49/59PLN (12 euro presale. 15 euro)
Be Psychedelic
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