Hybrid Garden Pre-Party DMT Project & Dream Garden · 3 Aug 2018 · Shköder (Albania)

Hybrid Garden Pre-Party DMT Project & Dream Garden

Open Air
· Over: 4y 5m
Line Up
Piotr Cisak
(tutamen/130limited/black verb records)

Adee ૐ Jay
(Hybrid Garden Records)

(Hybrid Nomad Collective)

Hybrid Nomad
(Hybrid Nomad Collective)

(Hybrid Nomad Collective)

(DMT Project Records)

(Lotus Feet Records)

(Psyks Rec)

(Silent Existence Rec)

(DMT Project Rec,Hybrid Garden Rec)

DMT Project & Dream Garden
Dear Aliens of Planet Earth

We would like to welcome you to our pre-event of (Hybrid Garden Gathering of the Tribes)‎
(Psychedelia by the beach) 5th Anniversary.

That its just a taste of what will be waiting you on 30 of August at our big project in Saranda,Lukove.
This event its a tribute of the Festival Hybrid Garden Gathering of the Tribes (Psychedelia by the beach) 5th Anniversary on 30/August/2018 .

We can assume that if you’re already here, is
probably because you are as excited as we are about the next edition !!!
We are looking forward to a magical weekend with you! A weekend during which we want to create so much joy that there will plenty for you to take home with you from the party site, to spread and to share!
DMT Project & Dream Garden are getting warm this month of August preparing you for our next event that will take place in Saranda, 4 days of paradise on earth !!! This event its just a lite puzzle of our master project of 30 August (Psychedelia by the beach) !!!
Before the magic of Saranda,in Lukova we thought to create one pre-party of the festival in this way to give a small idea to the people of what we do !!!
The pre party will take place at the Shiroka Lake in Shkodra, on 3 August
We want to change the world with our art and our music!!! Located into a virgin place where your soul become one with the nature under the amazing different style of electronic music, we will bring you to another level !!!
Without going into too much detail now, we can promise:
⦁Top quality Underground Music
featuring some of the best Producers and DJs from
around the world.
You all know what that means and if you don't make sure you come and check it out.
We will be located in to the Lake of Shkodra, completly virgin place surrounded by trees, beautiful nature and shade, with build-up restaurant, bar, toilets and showers, only 10 minutes walking distance from the Center Of the Lake Shiroka,Shkoder Albania
Our vision is not about expanding our numbers but investing in the quality and content, and to give one idea of what will wait for you in the end of the month to our next event to the festival that will be in Saranda on 30 August #ThisItsJustTheBegining
#ProjectDMT #GatheringofTheTribes ‎#DreamGarden‎


25.000 WATT Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %

DMT Project & Dream Garden

DMT Project




WE CAN CHANGE THIS WORLD WITH OUR MUSIC !!! #ProjectDMT #DreamGarden #GatheringofTheTribes

More info coming soon ...
Shiroke,Shkoder,Albania Located on the lake near the water and completly virgin place.We promisse to you Heaven on earth with the best Underground Quality Artists and amazing vibe .
Entry fee
Entry fee
500 Lek That its 3 Euro for both of the days for you strangers and travelers
DMT Project & Dream Garden
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