Higher Dimensions · 18 May 2012 · Cork (Ireland)

Higher Dimensions

· Over: 10y 8m
Line Up
01"00 - EARTHLING (Psytrance / LIVE ACT)
22"00 - JimaJama (Progressive / Dj set)

23"30 - Alien Sphere (Full On Goa / Dj set)
Visuals : VJ PRESENT
Hello Cosmic Brothers & Sisters,

Earth Star family would like to invite you ALL once more to an exciting and uplifting night of cosmic psychedelia... this May 2012, on Friday the 18th, we are delighted to be able to bring to you, world renowned producer ::: EARTHLING ::: who will be providing us with his musical genius, to expand our consciousness and bring us all up to *** HIGHER DIMENSIONS***

EARTHLING is the solo project of Dj Celli, An Ibiza native who has been involved in the Psychedelic trance scene since its beginnings in the early 90's.
From his roots as a party organiser in Ibiza, he soon moved on to Dj-ing, and shortly afterwards to full time music production, releasing his first track "Just Say Yes" on T.I.P.Records in 1999, followed by his debut album entitled "Patterns" on Acidance Records in 2001.
Now, after having released over 90 tracks, and 6 albums under various pseudonyms such as : Soundaholix (with GMS) , Third Ear Audio ( with Nick Doof), Vatos Locos (with Nick Doof, and Xavier Fux) and Everblast (with Lawrence Hoffman aka Chromatone), Celli continues to rock the dance-floors of the globe, bringing his unique psychedelic sound to the far reaches of the planet.

The night will be held once again in the fantastic venue : THE PAVILION, starting the night with Earth Stars JIMAJAMA, and new project ALIEN SPHERE (Alien Angel + Crystilized). Transforming the venue will be the artistic talents of INFINITE PHENOMENA and VJ PRESENT will be providing a visual journey into other dimensions!

*** We Dance This Dance Together ***

Peace & love
Earth Star family
The Pavilion, Cork, Ireland
Entry fee
Entry fee
Admission 10e
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