ॐ Hamsá PsyTrybo & Friends ॐ #SpringEquinox ॐ

ॐ Hamsá PsyTrybo & Friends ॐ #SpringEquinox ॐ 22 Mar '19, 23:30
Party flyer: ॐ Hamsá PsyTrybo & Friends ॐ #SpringEquinox ॐ 22 Mar '19, 23:30
Line Up
Hamsá PsyTrybo & Friends vao dar as boas vindas a primavera!!!

Psycadelico // Full On // Dark // HiTech // Goa

***LINE UP***

ॐ Spirit Galactic (Live Hitech)
[Hyprid.Rec//Metadimension Music]

ॐ PSYGOOSE (Apresentacao Do Live)
[Up!Noize Rec//3D Psycho Rec]

ॐ Lysergic Bubble
[3D Psycho Rec]

[Acid Vision//Incongnita]

ॐ Lunar Cycle (Special Goa Closing Set)
[Hamsá PsyTrybo//Moon Gathering]

ॐ ॐ Dark Fastness ॐ (Special DArk Open Set)
[Hamsa PsyTrybo//Moon Gathering]

ॐ Jetsan Rolmo
[Hamsá PsyTrybo//Amantes Das Raves]

ॐ Funkey Monkey (Set De Estreia)
[Hamsá PsyTrybo]

Log In - 6 Psys com oferta de 1 bebida ate ás 02:00 // 8 Psys com oferta de bebida a partir das 02:00

Aniversariantes de dia 22 e 23 de março = Entrada gratuita

Local -> Subsolo Furadouro-Ovar

Apoios - Amantes das Raves ♥ // ॐ Utopia Psycadelica ॐ
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