GREEN TREE RECORDS LABEL PARTY + after 4 Mar '17, 22:00
Party flyer: GREEN TREE RECORDS LABEL PARTY + after 4 Mar '17, 22:00
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_ Siamo lieti di ospitare una delle più grandi etichette discografiche del Belgio.
La GreenTree Records (precedentemente nota come GanjaTree Records) pone le sue radici agli inizi del 2006 con l'organizzazione di parties sul suolo belga; negli anni seguenti si occuperà della realizzazione dei maggiori eventi a livello nazionale.
Nel 2011 nasce l'etichetta discografica con la realizzazione della sua prima compilation: "From Here To Eternity"; quest'ultima darà subito un input di livello internazionale alla label, alla quale seguiranno numerose uscite di spicco nell'ambito della psytrance mondiale.
A livello italiano si affianca ad uno dei più grandi festival nazionali, lo " Human Evolution Festival ", pubblicandone nel 2015 la relativa compilation.
La GreenTree Records si avvale di numerosi artisti sparsi in tutto il globo del calibro di HASHASHIN, TRON, LUCID MANTRA, D-THER, MICROTECH, TREE CIRCUIT, ARTFIX, H-SUNRISE... e molti atri.

The grass is always GREENER on our side!



_ LUCID MANTRA [ Green Tree rec. ] BE soundcloud

Lucid Mantra (Green Tree Records BE, !! formerly Ganja Tree Records !! ) is a Psychedelic Trance Project formed in 2006 by producers Paul Narang ( India ) and Niels Verwerft (Belgium ). Well known for their unique style of blending powerful and driving Full On Basslines, with spiraling Old School Goa Melodies and MiNd BogLlinG PsYcHeDeLiCs. Deep yet Uplifting, their style of music is best suited for the early hours of the morning

...Since they joined Green Tree Records in 2011 they have already played at some of the best festivals around the world, alongside the scenes most renowned artists . The Highlights of their Festival tours include : Universal Religion 2012( Nepal ) , Beyond Spirit 2012( Ka Sol, India ) , The time has come 2012-2013( Mexico ) , Transahara 2013 ( Morocco ) , Nova's Incident 2013 ( Belgium ), Experience Festival 2016 ( Thailand ) .....

Their debut EP "We Are One" was released in 2013 on GreenTree Records ( Formerly GanjaTree Records) and is currently available on Beatport and iTunes. Several more releases are lined up for 2014 with well known international labels such as Ovnimoon records , Yellow Sunshine Explosion, 3rd Eye Productions....,Stay Tuned!

_ H-SUNRISE [ Green Tree rec. ] BE soundcloud

Behind the recently founded solo psychedelic trance musical project H-Sunrise is Yassin from Belgium. While he discovered the genre back in 1997 in the goa trance golden years, his first sonic experimentations began in the fall of 2010. It's only a few years later after attending for the first time the Boom festival in 2014 that his project H-Sunrise emerged and his production quality underwent a quantum leap. Shortly after he got signed at the Belgian label Green Tree records with which he released two original Eps, as well as tracks for various compilations with labels such as Ovnimoon records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and more recently BMSS. His collaborations now includes artists from the local scene such as D-Ther, Hashashin and Lucid Mantra.
Right now Yassin is highly at work focusing on forging his signature H-sunrise sound which aims at exploring several alleys of psychedelic trance, reflecting his own eclectic taste in the genre. Among his main influences are artists such Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Tristan and Zen Mechanics. His sound is best described by a blend of both atmospheric and groovy full on elements, infused by all sorts ethnic instruments such as sitars, flutes, eastern vocals or Jaw harp, as well as more experimental glitchy electronic sounds and analog synth. While concentrating mainly on bpm above 140, his production might include a few progressive escapades.

_ GROUGE [ Talismat Rec. / Offlabel Crew ] IT soundcloud

______________╰დ╮DJ SET╭დ╯_________________

_ FOOSE [ Green Tree rec. ] BE soundcloud

_ KENON [ Green Tree rec. / Indaco Tribe ] soundcloud

_ DODO 3 [ Quarion Tribe ] soundcloud

_ GABB [ Indaco Tribe ] soundcloud

_ ENOK [ Indaco Tribe ] soundcloud

_ OMICRONTAURI [ Indaco Tribe / Evolution Family ] soundcloud

_ ANYMAL [ Indaco Tribe ] soundcloud

_ C@PS [ Mandalà Tribe ] soundcloud

_ ACREOM [ Indipendent ] soundcloud
.......................::::::╰დ╮DECO & VISUAL╭დ╯::::::.....................



- Quarion Tribe


- SAM SEI [ Spliffin Movement ]
..:: ESSENZA ::..
Via B. Peruzzi, 20 ( Casetta )
[ Castelnuovo Berardenga ] SIENA


_Per chi viene da ROMA :

Esci dall'autostrada A1 a VALDICHIANA, segui per SIENA, entra nella E78 ed esci a CASETTA, alla rotonda prendi la prima uscita per CASETTA, fai 300m e svolta a sinistra, il locale è a 300m sulla destra...

_Per chi viene da BOLOGNA :

Esci dall'autostrada A1 a FIRENZE INPRUNETA, alla rotonda prendi la 1° uscita per SIENA, arivati a siena prendi per AREZZO, esci a CASETTA, allo stop a destra, fai 150 m e svolta a sinistra, il locale è 300m sulla destra....

_Per chi viene da GROSSETO :

Prendi la E78 direzione SIENA, arrivati a SIENA segui per AREZZO, esci a CASETTA, allo stop a destra, fai 150 m e svolta a sinistra, il locale è 300m sulla destra....
Entry fee
Entry fee
..:: ENTRY FEE :

12 euro con Drink ( serata )

5 euro ( after )
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