Green Gathering

Green Gathering 3 Jan '18, 10:00
Party flyer: Green Gathering 3 Jan '18, 10:00
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* Temple visit
* Visiting village and Knowing culture
* Nataraja Dance Meditation
* Kundalini Meditation
* Sunset Laughing Meditation on the mountain
* Live Nepali Traditional Classical music
* Open heart Dance Meditation with fire Dancers

Green Gathering Movements tree planting eco village event Project is a non-profit that runs off donations and your support. We are so grateful for your donation no matter what size. Thank you so much for your contribution to the project. Consider a recurring donation of With your help we can continue to create open source content to get people growing and sharing food.
Reaserh and development of ecovillage

* Waterfall Sip/Mountain walking
*Yoga and Meditation.
*Water Sports & Festive Packages
*Organic Food and farm stays at Eco Gathering.
Around the venue:
* Eco-farming

we are planning to launch the organic and hygiene food Products that will again help people live healthy life.
Ecovillage support project
Permaculture project
Educative project
Cultural project
Peace building project

*Om Yogi Sadhana Camp program
* Sweating Meditation
* Yogi Style Living
* Vedic Knowledge
* Natural healing
* Yoga session
* Waterfall visit
* Organic farm help-in-hand activities with the villagers
Concept of Making Ayurveda Garden .
Yogi life style is a life of balance between cleaning the mirror and spreading the light.• Meditation
Chapakot, Kaski
chapakot -6 kaski
33709 Pokhara
Entry fee
Entry fee
Green Gathering Movements unity team
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