GoaProductions presents Paul Taylor 2013 China Tour - Kunming · 23 Aug 2013 · Kunming (China)

GoaProductions presents Paul Taylor 2013 China Tour - Kunming

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GoaProductions presents Paul Taylor 2013 China Tour - Kunming 23 Aug '13, 22:00
GoaProductions presents Paul Taylor 2013 China Tour - Kunming 23 Aug '13, 22:00
Paul Taylor (UK)
Atoned Splendor (GoaProductions UK)
Friday – 23rd August @ Vervo Kunming

˙·٠•●۞●ॐPaul Taylor 2013 China Tour-Kunmingॐ●۞●•٠·˙

After bringing you Aphid Moon and Ecliptic GoaProductions is proud to be bringing a genuine Psytrance legend to China!

Paul Taylor

Paul has consistently been a prominent figure of the global Psytrance scene since starting out as a DAT DJ in the season of ’96 in Goa. Travelling back and forth between Goa and the U.K , he also spent the late nineties running a Trance record shop on London's Portobello Road.

By 1998 Paul had begun to play for some of London's major party groups (Kundalini, Escape From Samsara, Enlightenment etc),and was rapidly gaining a following within the booming U.K scene of the time.

In 2000 he joined TIPWorld records as a label DJ/Co A&R, and for the next two years became to be known internationally, as both a TIP DJ, and for his track selection on compilations.

In late 2011, Paul moved his studio to the Island of Ko Phangan in Thaliand, where he has continued to remain prolific on the music production front, with new material such as Limitless (Vuuv Festival 2012 Compilation) Monkey See, Monkey Do (Grasshopper Records Japan - Round of Night Vol.2 V.A) Nutcase (Twilight Music Project with DJ Venus Vibes) - Gone Troppo (Mutated Frequencies V.A- Mutagen Records U.K) and The Outpost E.P with Aphid Moon (to be released)He remains one the most sought after main headlining acts at many of the World's Major Trance Festivals

As always GoaProductions will be creating a truly immersive space where anyone and everyone can come and let their creativity run wild. If you have anything creative that you would like to share feel free to!

This is the soundtrack of the true global underground brought into the heart of China! Get ready to immerse yourself into GoaProductions’ sights and sounds!

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