Goa@Culture : Return To The Source presented by Goa Gummy · 1 Sep 2018 · Bangkok (Thailand)


Goa@Culture : Return To The Source presented by Goa Gummy

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"Psychedelic Trance" this genre is going so far , wide and separated to many sub-genres nowadays. It's more than a music scene, it's a culture. Yes, time always keep forward but let me bring you guys rewind back to the root when everything was began, when they have an only one, when they called it "Goa Trance".

I would like to invite u all to my solo night represent my 3 hrs+ of the original Goa Trance set, carefully selected from my old cd collections. I'm not call it a party but friends meeting, not to party hard but explore to be the shanti mind with the sound.

Located at our new place names Culture Cafe' @ Charoen Krung rd which is the most impact and important to the Thai's underground electronic music scene since late 90's (first launch as Cafe' Democ at Victory of Democracy, Bangkok).

Saturday 1st of September 2018 : Start at 9pm : Free entry

Feel free to join, I hope to see you there, let's make our own time machine!!!

Goa Gummy
Culture Cafe'
13 Charoen Krung rd, Bangkok.
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Entry fee
Free entry
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