Party flyer: GOA WAY 30 Jan '10, 22:00
Party flyer: GOA WAY 30 Jan '10, 22:00
Main Floor:
DJ Floyd/ HL (Goa Way Resident)
DJ Miss Nic/ HH (Shakeadelic, Shiva Moon 2004)
DJane Melburn/ HH (VUUV 2008, Indian Spirit)
DJane KiBa/ Schwerin ((Digitalfrequenz Records)
DJane Mystixx/ Rostock (Paraluna Project)
DJ Tommy Thomsen/ HH (Paraluna Project)
Loops&Tings DJ-Team/ HH (Sternentanz OA 2008, Shakeadelic)
Second Floor:
Johnny-Feel Good (HL)
Craig (HL)
Bastik Soul (HL)
Giant Optix
timetable main floor:

22:00-00:00 floyd
00:00-02:00 miss nic
02:00-04:00 djane melburn
04:00-06:00 djane KiBa
06:00-08:00 djane mystixx & dj tommy thomsen
08:00-ende floyd and friends
Club Empress, Lindenplatz 12, Lübeck (5 Minuten vom Bahnhof)
Entry fee
10,00 Euro
Club Empress
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