Goa Way-Electric Universe Live · 22 Dec 2018 · Roma (Italy)


Goa Way-Electric Universe Live

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Electric Universe-Live (Sacred Technology)

Boris Blenn is the man behind the Electric Universe (with Roland “Chico” Wedig on guitars) trance project and more recently also his Blenn & Gleich techno collaboration with a great debut EP on Dnox’s label Plastik Park. He is also one member of the group ESP with Olli Wisdom of Space Tribe.

The Electric Universe project itself was founded in 1991 in Hamburg, Germany. Being inspired by the first big Voov Experience parties, some of his first psytrance orientated tracks found their way to DJ Antaro, who had just started his label Spirit Zone. The Electric Universe “Solar Energy” maxi single was the second release on Spirit Zone. It turned out to be a big hit and set the ground for the first album “One Love” in 1994. More and more Trance parties were taking place and Electric Universe started to play, mainly in Germany at first, later all around the globe.

Boris Blenn, over a career of 21 years as a psytrance producer, has enriched the dance floors of the planet with hundreds of live performances and many hit tunes over the years like “Meteor”, one of the biggest guitar driven tunes ever and “The Prayer”.

With far over 150,000 records sold and some 10.000.000 clicks only on YouTube Boris is one of the top producers of the scene. The core of the Electric Universe productions and performances has to be its infectious, uplifting energy. It is about bliss and of course to make people dance and enjoy themselves.

Look out for new collaborations with Laughing Buddha, Space Tribe and many more.
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