Goa Gil 24H Ancient Tribal Ritual

Goa Gil 24H Ancient Tribal Ritual 7 Jul '18, 21:00
Party flyer: Goa Gil 24H Ancient Tribal Ritual 7 Jul '18, 21:00
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Funktion One by Lylava



GALACTIC TREE TRIBE invite all beings to
24H Ancient Tribal Ritual from Goa Gil and Galactic Tree Tribe

Its a huge honor to bring the godfather of goa or definitly a living Legend in our Scene, his Music and his amazing Rituals back to Switzerland.

Gil is one of the founders of goa trance and psytrance movement in electronic dance music. During the early 1980s, many hippies were becoming increasingly fascinated with early electronic music such as Kraftwerk. Gil and his friends soon gathered some equipment and started DJing and playing live music all night long on the Goa beaches. The mix of outdoor electronic dance parties with Eastern mystical and spiritual overtones came to define the aesthetic of the psytrance movement.

For Gil, dance is an active form of meditation and the use of trance music is a way to "redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century"

After years of waiting we are loving he comes back.
the Ritual goes from Sunrise to Sunrise.
We want to create a unforgetable Happening here in Swiss.

Help us and become a part of the Ancient Tribal Ritual


We organize Bustravels if enough people Intrested from your Area:
-Bus East (from Munich more citys on this trip planed. ask us if you intrested)
-Bus West (? write us for more infos and requests)
-Bus South (? write us for more infos and requests)
-Bus North (? write us for more infos and requests)
Somewhere in the beautifull swiss mountains. Secret Location. More infos will released soon.
Entry fee
Entry fee
Phase 2: 35 CHF "available"

Phase 3: 40 CHF "soon"
Phase 4: 50 CHF "soon"

get your limited ticket here:
Lylava GmbH / Galactic Tree Tribe
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