Geotermika 14 years Quarion Tribe Celebration 26 May '18, 16:00
Party flyer: Geotermika 14 years Quarion Tribe Celebration 26 May '18, 16:00
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•••●•●• G E O T E R M I K A •●•●•••

Vi diamo il benvenuto alla 4^ edizione di GEOTERMIKA

(:...◁◄✿♡♫ ♬♪♫ ♬♪♩♡✿►▷...

L'evento prende il nome dall'energia che alimenta il luogo che ci ospita. Quale miglior esempio di produzione di energia alternativa se non quello di portarvi nel cuore di un paese termale e godere così di tutti i benefici che ne derivano?

Le note della nostra psychedelic trance risuoneranno tra le acque sulfuree di questo luogo che è una gemma veramente rara, incastonata nella natura si merita il nostro più profondo rispetto
(:...◁◄✿♡♫ ♬♪♫ ♬♪♩♡✿►▷...

wE aRe oNe - wE aRe Love

Il viaggio sonoro che vi proporremo quest'anno sarà un'esplorazione dei più importanti generi della psytrance, ognuno dei quali troverà espressione nel suo momento migliore: dalla melodica full-on diurna alla darkpsy più oscura e multidimensionale, passando per i ritmi più serrati della twilight e per la velocissima hi-tech, giungendo alla (ri)scoperta delle tradizionali sonorità goa-trance senza escludere la profondità della forest e la raffinatezza dell'underground psytrance d'avanguardia.


(:...◁◄✿♡♫ ♬♪♫ ♬♪♩♡✿►▷...


•● Rispetto reciproco
•● Umiltà
•● Donare senza aspettarsi contropartite
•● Tolleranza x chi ha gusti o valori diversi dai tuoi.

(:...◁◄✿♡♫ ♬♪♫ ♬♪♩♡✿►▷...

Live Acts:

(BooM Records)


Bio:Since about 20 years we are involved into the Psytrance Scence. After 3 years with dj-ing, we realised, that the records from other people were not enough for us. And look at this, since about 9 years we are producing our own psychedelic trance. We started in a small cellar with a little soundsystem. At the beginning we just used simple software-synthies and a small sequenzer-programm. Because of our limited possiblities, it was not easy for us to produce a good quality of sound...Hard work and a lot of enthusiasm caused a booking from some friends in Switzerland. They wanted us for a live-act. Jehaa, our first set, which we played with some quite old synthies, as like Roland 101 and Korg Trident. As you can understand, we were more than nervous. But we were more than happy, that the feedback of our first act was really great and amazing.. So, we decided to go ahead with our crazy music. The time and the more bookings opened us the chance to buy some new sound-machines.
On a special day, we decided to send our first songs to some differnt labels around the world. Wepacked this CD´s together with all our positive vibrations ;) and what happend: Yaniv, from Hadshot Haheizar released our first two songs. "FREAK BOOSTER" and "UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES". A big thank you to you, Yaniv! We guess, we do not have to explain you our feeling, as we hold our first vinyl in our hands. Unbelievable.....
After playing on many parties around the globe, like Portugal, Netherland, Mexico, Greece, USA, UK, Brazil, South Africa etc. there was time for an album which was released also on Hadshot and more to ome on Boom! Rec., Digital Psionics, Ketuh, Glowing Flame, Phar Psyde Records and so on......

(Wildthings Records)


Jay is a electronic music producer from the south(wild) Black-Forrest in Germany. Together with his friend Ralph he foundet the psychedelic trance project Rastaliens about more then 10 years ago... over the years of playing in clubs and festivals worldwide Rastaliens got well known by manny people for psytrance with an funny unique style.

Southwild is Jays new project and 2010 he joined the UK based label Wildthings records wich is a solid established label for twisted positive psychedelic trance.
After he released his debut album on Wildthings records and serveral tracks on compilations from major undergroud labels worldwide such as Wildthings,Peak records,looney moon rec.,Hadra just to name a few...

He also works with other musicans arround the globe and did collaborations with Ajja ,E.V.P. ,Dirty safi, Psymmetrix,Ekoplex,Primordial Ooze,Random, Braincell and other friends in the psytrance scene.

Jay also works as a mastering engeneer in Toronto/Canada where he has his studio based.He mastered serveral projects from chill out /down beat to all sorts of electronic music.

(Freak Records)
Bio:Cristian Vigati aka Virtuanoise is an Italian artist who produce Darkpsy and Fullpower .. Cristian already 7 years began studying keyboard already learned from a young age the basics and theory of music. After years of study, on 15 years he start to go to psytrance parties, where he find a new world.....At 16 years he start to play music as a DJ at parties and he find too an incredible passion to Darkpsy genre ...
Since 2002, Cristian start to make music with his psychedelics ideas, with grooves and loops very fast, hi-tech, with creating environmental situations very dark and with crazy melodies ...

(Looney Moon Records)

Andrea Lunghi AKA Dust has been releasing psychedelic trance music since 2008, always keeping on evolving and defining his cutting-edge, broad soundscape from night-time underground full-on tunes to daytime kick-ass dance floor stompers.

His tracks are imprinted with his easily recognisable touch and you can hear them pounding at most of the psytrance events around the globe. Many releases followed Dust’s debut album “I don’t like psychedelics” on Looney Moon records in 2012, such as “My friends love psychedelics” in March 2013, “Explicit Content” in 2014 , “Hippie Blaster” in 2016 togheter with Lunatica, “Loonacy” in 2017 with Obliviant and “Wanamatcha” last december.

Aside from his solo project, Dust has a role in many collaboration projects: Loonacy (with Obliviant), Foam (with Assioma) and Dustinface (with Phase) to name a few.

Dust is a real production machine – His state-of-the-art studio kept him warm during the past cold season, as you can tell by the list of his upcoming releases:�- Dust Vs Jumpstreet – “Dusty streets” Ep �- Dust 3rd full length album

His hectic touring schedules have brought him all around the world’s most renowed psychedelic gatherings, such as Boom and Ozora Festival in Europe, Rezonance in South Africa, Doof in Israel, Experience in Thailand and Universo Paralello in Brazil.

(Purple Hexagon Rec./Quarion Tribe)

(Green Tree Rec./Quarion Tribe)

(Purple Hexagon/Visionary Shamanics Recs./Quarion Tribe)

(Ovnimoon Rec./Offlabel Crew)

(Quarion Tribe)

(Quarion Tribe)

(Free Soul)

Dj Set:

(Namastè Records) / PORTUGAL

•● ASKARI (Switzerland) ●•
(Propheti Records) / SWITZERLAND

•● DODO 3 ●•
(Quarion Tribe)

•● CHILD_OS ●•
(WAO Festival/Free Spirit Foundation)

•● KENON ●•
(Indaco Tribe)

•● ENOK ●•
(Indaco Tribe - D.noir Records)

•● AXEL ●•
(Freaky circus)


•● MALIO ●•

•● MEZZO ●•
(D-noir Records)

(Goa Project)

•● SAGRA ●•

•● KEKKO ●•
。◕‿◕。 UV DECORATIONS 。◕‿◕。


free camping, free water

infoline: 0039 3442004076
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