GeoParadise Full Moon Gathering

Reg Frog Beach Bastimentos Island · Panama
GeoParadise Full Moon Gathering 5 May '12, 12:00
Party flyer: GeoParadise Full Moon Gathering 5 May '12, 12:00
Line Up
laying down his much anticipated début album SQUELCH MONSTER
Beardy Weirdy (UK) Wild Things Records []
Simon Baring (UK) Nano Rec / Neon / Twisted Rec []
Robin Triskele (UK) Triskele Management []
MI5 (UK) GeoParadise []
Naaz (CA) Sonesta Records []
Lua Meiga (ES) GeoParadise []
Phoenix (CR)
Murlidelic (PA) BPM []
Giss Oro (PA) BPM []
D'JK (PA) BPM []
Proportion(PA) BPM []
Mind Pulse (PA) GeoParadise []

Many more acts will follow for this Full Moon Gathering.
There will be a mix of ambient, chill-out and psy-dub
This will be the fourth in our series of FREE Full Moon Gatherings.
So, here it is, a bit late in the posting, number 4 on our series of free Caribbean Full Moon Gatherings. This time on the world famous Red Frog Beach, Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro. Flying in all the way from England, three amazing artists from the chill out, progressive and full on UK psytrance family. Beardy Weirdy will be laying down the much anticipated debut album Squelch Monster (official release date: May 12th). Simon Baring will rearrange your grey matter with an undoubtedly twisted rendition on the ones and twos and the stupendously experienced Robin Triskele will be bringing home the veggie bacon like only a psy goddess of her caliber could do. MI5 will be on site with the deepest dance music going. From Costa Rica we have Phoenix with fully psychedelic and mind-blowing music. Lua Meiga, our resident Galician spinner, will as usual weave her own blend of magic. Crossing the country from the capital the BPM crew headed by the irrepressible Murlidelic are for sure gonna rock the place with the funkiest tunnage on the dance floor. Mind Pulse, the busiest local DJ in Bocas will add to the already impressive line up with his full-on, dark and wonderfully introspective music.

As usual, expect juggling, drumming and fire dancing amongst other spontaneous expressions of the participants creative spirits!!
Red Frog Beach
Bastimentos Island
Bocas Del Toro, Panama
In the Caribbean sea by the border of Panama and Costa Rica

There are numerous buses to Bocas Del Toro Panama. Costs from Panama city are around $23, David around $12 and around $15 from San Jose (Costa Rica) (add $3 for the boat to Colon island).
Flights from Panama city to Bocas are around $80 + taxes each way operated by Air Panama. Nature Air flies from San José (Costa Rica) to Bocas at about $180-200 each way. Check their websites for more info and book in advance to guarantee your place.

Once in Bocas town catch one of the lanchas (boats) at $5 to Red Frog Beach in Isla Bastimentos. There are plenty drivers and companies that offer the service in town, you just need to ask around at the main street.

For the shortest walk to the gathering site, get the boat to drop you at the first entrance to Red Frog, although you can also come from the public pier. Both ways there is a $3 fee to pay to the land owners for using their private paths to cross their properties and access the beach. These are the only two ways to access Red Frog Beach since boat access onto the beach is not possible.
Entry fee
Entry fee
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