GeoParadise Black Moon Gathering

Open Air
GeoParadise Black Moon Gathering 15 Dec '12, 17:00
Party flyer: GeoParadise Black Moon Gathering 15 Dec '12, 17:00
MI5 (UK)
Ras Chris (USA)
Mind Pulse (Panama)
Psyohm (Costa Rica)
Lua Meiga (Spain)
WHAT TO BRING: Its in nature, so think about bringing your tents and camping gear, food and water. And of course: Party toys and fancy outfits!!

And again... IMPORTANT NOTE: bring your kids, please, family gatherings are much more fun!! Ocean and Aurora will be very happy to have more friends joining us!!

Please Note: In our events, its not our policy to chase people for money as it goes against our free party philosophy.... that said, we'd really appreciate if you guys are fair and generous, as events have production costs that we need to cover and we are also fundraising for Tribal Gathering 2013, so we really need everyone to share some $$$, even if little! Pleeeeease!

Hope to see you all there! BooooooooooooooooooM
Chorrera Area, Panama. We'll share precise location tomorrow. Keep an eye or join our facebook event for faster updates. []
Entry fee
Entry fee
Gathering is FREE, but we kindly ask all attendees to contribute to help cover the costs and raise funds for Tribal Gathering 2013, by donating (if bringing own drinks) or drinking at the self-service bar. (Find the box, stick in the money, open the cooler, take your drink!!).
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