Gathering of the Southern Systems · 11 Jan 2008 · Southern Germany (Germany)


Gathering of the Southern Systems

In- & Outdoor
Over: 14y 6m
Line Up
*** ASTRAL GNOMIX *** (Other World Reaktor Records / BMSS / Switzerland)

AstralGnoMix does not play common-style music, he has his own groove, born from a mixture of various electronic genres and goa, ranging from old-style to modern, inspired by acts like Hallucinogen, Oziric Tentacles, Cosmosis, Pink Floyd and more... He presents a new style at each Live Act, and often brings along many of his original instruments, making each act impressingly particular. Now he spends as much time as possible playing his instruments and composing new groovy stuff. AstralGnoMix is certainly not a common artist he loves psychedelic tunes, and does not follow the common wave... For him psychedelia has no limits.

*** DIGITAL SUN *** (DMT / Switzerland)

Digital Sun / Dj Gelfling... Dani Menn, born 1984 in Switzerland. In the Year 99 he discovered the Psytrance Scene. Two years after, he started to play melodic and powerfull Psy - Trance Sets at several Partys. In 2004 he also started to produce his own music, under the Artist name "Digital Sun".His Music is a mix of trancy morning Melodys and a pumping Bass with a Shot of Acid. He is promoted by Dancemusictribe Records (Switzerland).

*** I-DOT *** (Active Neo Psy Rec. / Germany) is the solo project of Dominik Heimburger , a 21 year old guy from Germany.
He produces psytrance with powerfull and atmospheric sounds, melodic elements and fresh coloured basslines!

*** OLIEN *** (Trishula Rec. / Universambla / Germany)

Olien is Oli, born in the south of Germany in Freiburg in the year 1980. In 1995 he installed Cubase and Rebirth on a 4400Mac and bought his first MPC2000 and started producing his own style of music, later on he purchased a Korg Z1. Now he is producing his music with the use of a PowerMac and Logic7. His first released tracks were on the Mechanophobia compilation, released by Trishula Rec. in March 2006 and a chill out track on the "A Magical Journey 2" cd at Ajana Records. His musical spectrum for producing ranges from Goatrance to Psytrance and Chill Out music. He uses many instruments in a track like weaving a tapestry out of different fades. You could call it multi layered music. His debut album Sounded Paratronic was released at the 30. March 2007 as well on Trishula Rec.

*** PSYGROUND *** (BMSS / Germany)

The Highdelberg and Darmstadt based psychedelic Full On Live - Act Psyground consists out of 2 Psychedelic Friends. Antonello Daccione, a jazz piano player, having his first psychedelic Trance Experiences in 2003, and Martin Lawrenz (Bert), a music producer coming from a grounding in Big Beatz and Breaks. In the year 2004 they joined creative forces to create their Psy Trance Project Psyground. Based on funky, melodic bassline parts and hypnotic sequences they create a composition far away from common cliches of Full On and Progressive. A true melting pot of Psychedelic Ingredients and Groovy Spices which will defenately bring you to the Dancefloor!

*** RASAEL and HERVE *** (Evercoming Prod. / Switzerland)

Rasael, 22 years old from Melano (Switzerland) is a psy-trance artist who discovered Psy in the year 2003. On the 1. of july 2004 he presented his very first live act @ Garden Of Psychedelights in Switzerland. In 2005 , Hervé (RV) joined Evercoming Productions and together they started a new vision of their music which resulted in their first Live Act together in the next year. 2007 has been the year where Rasael & Hervé really started off to currently play around Switzerland and beyond.


The Gathering of the Southern Tribes: Djs, Live Acts and Deko Teams from Germany, Switzerland, France and...


Come, dance and celebrate with us in unity . Together we are more than just the sum of our parts!

Hosted By BMSS, unifying the Tribes from the South:
SoKhe - Jamas - DMT - Gomantak - Freak Time Prod - Trishula Rec - Ajana Rec - Evercoming Prod - Fuzzy Logic - Skykey Rec - Utopia Rec. - Active Neo Psy Rec. - DDNGK - Biolektrik - Miditation - Maikäfer - Klangwerk - Die Weltensegler - Diffusion Orchestra - Fraka Sound Records - Plastic Age Music - PsyberpunkSpace Frogz - Gecko - Villa Nachttanz - Aruna Sounds - Universambla and some more...







This will be a noncommercial Gathering. All Artists and people involved play and work for free...
This is the reason why we can keep the entry fee very low to cover only the costs which will come up:
5 Euro One Night / 10 Euro for the whole Gathering
All Extra Money will go directly to a project of the KTS (Autonomic Centre Freiburg)

BMSS (Bruder Mond Schwester Sonne) with SoKhe and many many more....
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