Galactic Trip

Galactic Trip 2 Mar '19, 16:00
Party flyer: Galactic Trip 2 Mar '19, 16:00
Line Up
*CHILD OF NIGHT* -Ohmnium Records-
*CHIMBO aka BLOT* -Fullmoongui / Maharetta Records-
*LLUL* -Psylocibe / Psyvilla-
*MONTPSY* -Fullmoongui / Skizodelic Mind / Psyvilla-
*NEUROSIS* -Play Hard-
*PALMARIGEN* -Psyvilla-
*PSYKRAN* -Psyvilla-
*PSYKHOPOMP* -Fullmongui / Skizodelic Mind / Psyvilla-
*REDEYE SELECTA* -Sporas Return / Psyvilla-
*SPANISH GIPSY* -Ohmnium Records-
- Help us to keep clean the place clean, use the garbage bags (if there are not or are full, tell someone in the collective)
- Respect for the environment, people and materials... we want to be able to meet again many times
- If you come with a dog you should be aware that there is no lack of water and food and control it so that it doesn't cause discomfort to other animals or people
- If you enjoy the party and you have to drive get organized and rest.
- For any questions and whenever you can... consult Energy Control
- Dance, enjoy, smile, share and be happy

+ info soon
Palacio de los grafitis, en el exterior (Fábrica abandonada entre Bellavista y Dos Hermanas). Mapa--> []
Entry fee
Entry fee
Free party!
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