Full Moon Goa Trance 604

Full Moon Goa Trance 604 8 Nov '19, 21:00
Party flyer: Full Moon Goa Trance 604 8 Nov '19, 21:00
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Musical journey into the spirit trance dimension ❤️👽❤️👽❤️👽❤️

SHU (Germany) Label: Evolution
KALIZER (Ireland ) FullMoon psy ire
SEVMIRKO (Croatia) FullMoon psy ire
Shu (Germany) Label: Evolution
Hailing from the land of Beer and Brezen in the south of Germany where Shu was born and raised,
He immediately took a liking to Ireland and Dublin and felt home right away with the open mind and hearts of the people in the psychedelic scene over here.

Enjoying all forms of psychedelic trance since 2008 and partaking in the performance of being a DJ for the past 10 years,
He enjoys bringing high energy music and sound to the dance floor and take great care and joy in delivering sonic variety and
to the ear of the crowd young and old.
I believe there is a special connection between performer and listener and we can bounce good energy forth and back to make
the symphony of the night something that is truly unique to the moment.

I particularly specialize in oldschool Goa Trance and Darkpsy / Hi-Tech and always scout and keep an eye
open for rare and out of the ordinary tracks that are not so easily found, even if it means grabbing them from a
dusty old vinyl to convert them into the new age of musical enjoyment
Soundcloud link

Declan Kalizer (kalizer)
Kalizer is part of Full moon psytrance ireland,shunyata records & Audio Garden festival team.
His love for the music and hard work shows at all the events that are hosted through out the year.
Kalizers sets can range from the freshest new releases in psytrance to classic goa, darkpsy to psycore.
His passion for the scene over the years has been infectious,And Instrumental in bringing some of the biggest
names to Ireland in recent years at VooDoo lounge Dublin..
And with more big names on the way for 2019.

Soundclound: soundcloud
mixcloud: mixcloud
facebook: [facebook.com]

One of the top guys in Goa trance ..He is no stranger to the full moon stage ..He has the full power of Goa 604 behind him..
We are super excited to have Damir back with us again .

Soundcloud link -
Return to the source - Spirit Trance ओङ्कार

6 hrs of magical high energy
Goa Trance to bring you to the next level.

Psychedelic Decor vj loopy loop and full moon
Doors open at 9pm till 3am
Psychedelic Decor
vj loopy loop and full moon
39/40 Eden Quay, Dublin
voodoo lounge night club
Entry fee
Entry fee
€10 admission all night
Fullmoon psytrance Ireland ॐ
FULL MOON FACEBOOK PAGE [facebook.com] FULL MOON GROUP [facebook.com]
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