Friday Dj Session #3

Party flyer: Friday Dj Session #3 3 Nov '17, 20:00
Party flyer: Friday Dj Session #3 3 Nov '17, 20:00
Tonights DJs:

(Feel free to contact us or just bring your stuff by, if you would like to Play the Decks)
New eden Project
Hello to all you psychedelic music Lovers!

We are Inviting you all to a psychedelic Dj Session at the psychedelic Recordstore.

Enjoy the music and free your Mind.

-Psychedelic Recordstore (Silbersteinstraße 74)
Silbersteinstr 74 - Zu den drei Stufen

An der Tür bitte klopfen ;)
Entry fee
2 Euro Angemessenheitsbeitrag ;)
New eden Project
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