Party flyer: FLUIDADELIC - BALSTHAL 7 Dec '13, 22:00
Party flyer: FLUIDADELIC - BALSTHAL 7 Dec '13, 22:00

Argonautes ( Moonloop Records / Free Alps )

Voice of Dharma ( Goa Sound Project / Speedsound Rec / Italy )

Aries (Goa Sound Project / Woorpz Rec / Italy)
Psychedelic Floor:

Argonautes ( Moonloop Rec / Free Alps )

Psyberpunk ( Shaman Electro Rec / Free Alps )

Tracks released on: PARVATI, Peak, Hadra, Sangoma, World People. Collaboration with artists such as: Whiptongue, Hyper Frequencies, Drumatik, ECT, Electrypnose, Parasense)


Djane Kayem ( Italy )

Katy Monique a.k.a dj Kayem is a versatile artist, theatre and film actress, fetish and alternative model, burlesque dancer and dee-jay. She started her career of dee-jay in 2005 with psychedelic trance music and she brought her music all over Italy ( Goaland@Starcity-Bologna, Modular dimension-Torino, Pure State of Mind-Roma, CA.CU.BO-Bologna just to name few) and in foreign countries (Thr battle of the Spirit-Malta, Natural grow Festival-Warzaw Poland, various gigs in Switzerland as Plaza discotheque-Bellinzona, Bamboo Club-Gampel Steg ....and more). Defined Italy s most promising female psy-trance artist, Kayem has been chosen from israelian Boundless music as label dj. Kayem decided to expand her musical visual and started to play minimal and tech house as well and she s making the dance floors crazy with her irresistible dj sets.


Voice of Dharma ( Goa Sound Project / Speedsound Rec / Italy )

VOICE DHARMA is a project born from the collaboration of two friends, ARIES (Simone) & ART MODE (Dario).
The project promises to develop progressive sounds more and more forward....
Voice of Dharma is to mean a religious approach to the power of music and the power that this can have on us and on our mood.
Now Voice of Dharma is one of the best Italian Liveact, Voice of Dharma offering a very fresh sound and forward in time.


Aries ( Goa Sound Project / Woorpz Rec / Italy )

Simone Mantovani is Aries,
Aries have his first contact with the psytrance music in the summer of 2009 and in 2010 started to make his first steps into the world of psytrance music.
During the summer of 2011 decided to produce his music.After 2 years of study and hard work,he find himself playing in parties and festivals,
Now Aries is working on a several collaborations with many italian artists,one of this is "Voice of Dharma" with is friend Art Mode


Gotama ( [facebook.com])


::::::::::> SPECIAL PSYCHEDELIC DJ SET <::::::::::

Dj Masterkaos (Goanica Tribe)


Ferdinando was born in October 1973. He started to approach the world of music first with recorded tapes and only later in 1989 with a proper record player, having already his pseudonym Dj Masterkaos and playing around Ticino joining the responsible of “Disco Sound Altec” Sandro P. during the years of the first 360° pop-rock-metal’s parties and other events ( Conza Lugano, Palapenz Chiasso, Fevi Locarno, Espocentro Bellinzona).
In 1994 Dj Masterkaos played at the first Ticino Rave Party, called “Pyro Space part.1” (Giornico), organized from the Street Parade’s organizer “Evolution”. By this time, Zurich already had new music styles, as Trance, Tech House, Hardtrance, Happycore, still unknown in Ticino.
From 1995 he started to play in several clubs and after-hours party in Ticino (Alhambra, Amici miei, Scaramouche, Beep Bop Alula, Discomania, Cyberspace, Covo, Centri, Seven Club) and in Italy (Delirium Club, Insomnia Disco). After a short break he came back with a project called “Illogical Frequencies” (Dj Masterkaos and Dj Maxwell Oxonn), approaching for a while the minimal and elektro sounds, playing in several places as Gipsy Bar, Monroe, Living Room Lugano, Garage club, Carnival parties.
In 2006 Dj Masterkaos approached for the first time psychedelic trance sound, playing in few evening’s party around Ticino and in Bologna, Italy, at the Street Parade. This event gave him the right feeling to discover and work in the psychedelic music. In summer 2007 was born the project called “GOANICA” founded by Ferdinando Q. alias Dj Masterkaos and Mauro R. Thanks to this project, Dj Masterkaos start to play in several important GOA party around Ticino (Mesocco Castle, Mystical Birthday, Goanica at Work, Psychedelic Vision…) and in 2010 he played at Summer Never End and many others party.In 2011 the most important party in Ticino Digital Waves 3 edition and most other party.The 2012 it's good beginning with most presence in a club that is important in Ticino, the Living Room ,than other party in Angel's Club and 7chakras in Italy,... than in march he play at the 3th of event 604 Spirit at Bienne.At the least in the 2013 begin with a Big dj set @ Mystica 2013, Lunar eclipse 2013 (ita), GoaProject 2013 (Ita), Summer Never end 2013, Black moon Festival 2013 (ita)...and now...stay tuned...
Remember: Let the Spirit & Music Goa!!!
> Progressive Floor <

Synthetix ( [facebook.com] )


Spiral Hand


Millivolt ( Digital Nature Records / Zenon Records / CH )

Millivolt is the DJ/producer project of artist Luk Schmid based in Switzerland. He found his way to electronic music back in 1997.
These days Luk established his DJ/producer project Millivolt which focuses on progressive, psychedelic, frisky dark zenonesque and heavyweight bassline music. His passion for electronic music has recently grown into a quest to find the perfect groove


Solaris Phase ( Goa Sound Project / Italy )

Luca Nicoletto_cRoMaTiC_soLaRis pHaSE_
(born 1992 in Padua, Italy) is a Italian sound artist who lives and works between Bologna and Padua.
Solaris music is concerned primarily with sound in a variety of "soul" states, such as melody tones and noisy sounds, often using frequencies equalized on 432hz (the soul’s key) . His last album –MecHaN!keR-is full of “key sounds” for the people's consciousness.
Solaris says " the 432 Hz frequency sound is used to open the listeners minds and have a positively melodic music, but simultaneously psychedelic !".
Rhythmically, Solaris music is highly imaginative, exploiting beat patterns and, at times, using a variety of amaizing tones and noise to create a lovely psy groove. His work is also encroaches on the world of ambient music, many tracks on his albums are slowly evolving soundscapes concerned with and with no sense of negative energy.
He can create each type of music with a special personal style..
He works on many different kinds of music

Zigomatix ... Jurabeat
Die Schaltzentrale
Von Roll Areal
Entry fee
20.- before midnight
25. - after midnight
15 after the 5 o clock
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