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Berlin Revalerstr.99 10245 Berlin · Germany
Line Up
Mubali( trishula rec/evil knivel rec. USA )
Kalilaskov AS(Nabi Rec.) Israel
Airi(Evil Knivel Rec.)Nürnberg
Psyche Logos(Brasilien) Quark Agency--Planet B.E.N rec.

sorry folks but we have to tell you that Blisrgon Demogorgon will not come to the party because of private problems witch he has to fix up first...we are in contact with him, to bring him to germany when organized all his stuff...we hope for your understanding!!
Instead of Blisargon Demogorgon we are proud to say that we could get Mubali( trishula rec/evil knivel rec. USA ) to rock the party!!
Dj Ant(EVIL KNIVEL REC.)Nürnberg
DR.Changra & Psy Dan (EVIL KNIVEL REC.)Berlin
The Om-Letts-DJ Set & live mit Dj Dantrex & Lars Lee(EVIL KNIVEL REC.)Polen/Berlin
Psykaholiks-chromanova -berlin
Tara ( berlin )
Goapunxx ( dresden )
********LINE UP********

23-1 Psykaholiks-chroma va -berlin
1-2 Airi(Evil Knivel Rec.)Nürnberg
2-3 Mubali ( evil knivel usa )
3-4 Kalilaskov AS(Nabi Rec.) Israel
4-5 Psyche Logos(Brasilien) Quark Agency--Plenet B.E.N rec.
5-7 Dj Ant(EVIL KNIVEL REC.)Nürnberg
7-9:30 The Om-Letts-DJ Set & live mit Dj Dantrex & Lars Lee(EVILKNIVEL REC.)Polen/Berlin
9:30-12 DR.Changra & Psy Dan (EVIL KNIVEL REC.)Berlin

Die ersten 250 Gäste bekommen eine Evil Knivel Überraschung.(Cd's und Schlüsselbänder)

Die Afterhour party findet im Mfe statt,Sonntag ab.20uhr -6:oo uhr,mit den acts:
20-23 DJ Merry
23-00 Kalilaskov AS
00-01 Mubali
01-06 David & Goliath

the first 250 guest will get an Evil Knivel surpirse ( CD`s and key-bound`s )

Afterhour will be at the MfE (berlin ) from 20:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. with:
David und Goliath aka Cannibal Crow & Dj Ant-Evil Knivel rec. Berlin/Nürnberg
multi evil-Evil Knivel rec. (polen)
Merry:-) Evil Knivel rec. Berlin
RAW Tempel
Entry fee
Entry fee
bis 1:00 uhr 10 euro
ab 1:00 uhr 12 euro
Evil Knivel rec.
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