Equinoxio - Mountain Gathering! 20 Mar '18, 14:00
Party flyer: Equinoxio - Mountain Gathering! 20 Mar '18, 14:00
Best locals Djs of Cusco ,Guest Djs,Live Acts,International Djs

Washuma - (Psygressive) Live Set!
Exodo - (FullOn)
Jon Aragon - (Techno)
Toxic BPM - (PsyProgressive)
Alanius - (Psytrance)
Asiry - (Psytrance)
Gille Varry Inkatech - (Psytrance)
Chemikal - (Darkpsy)
Maqta - Reggae Dub
TupaQ - (Techno)
Nu Bastards - (Techno)
Guest Djs
Open Air
The Party start in the afternoon
Open Door 14:00hrs

The equinox is the time of year when day and night have the same duration because the Sun is on the equator of the planet Earth.

During the equinox, the Sun reaches its zenith, that is, the highest point in the sky, at 90 ° in relation to a person on Earth. This means that the parallel of declination of the Sun and the Celestial Equator coincide that day.

In the days of the equinox, on the other hand, the two terrestrial poles are at the same distance from the Sun, from which it follows that the light projected on the Earth is equal for both hemispheres.

++++camping area++++
+food & drink area
you get the map of the location when you buy your ticket online or in Procu's Market Cusco
The Location is to 15 min by taxi from Cusco City ,Located in a nice Andean Community ,that has access to a Inka Trails ,surround by mountains and nature!
To get the location is very easy,you get the map with all Instrucctions to the Psycret Place for Equinoxio!
Entry fee
pre sale tickets:$10.00usd or S/.30.00 Soles
at door $16.00usd or S/.50.00 Soles
Buy Presale Tickets at "Procu's Market" Street Procuradores #330 ,Cusco,Peru
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Sa, 31 Mar '18 · Peru Cusco


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