Electronic Santa Nite/Day/Nite - 24hr London Party!

Electronic Santa Nite/Day/Nite - 24hr London Party! 28 Dec '18, 21:30
Party flyer: Electronic Santa Nite/Day/Nite - 24hr London Party! 28 Dec '18, 21:30
Line Up
A DPC EVENT by Dark-Indigo {Gigs & Collabs}

Nominated ACTS in Random Order >>







#JohnFord (Phantasm Records)


& MORE!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!
3 ROOMS / DPC Decor / Pre-Scheduled Line Up & Open Decks /
Cheap Bar & Cosy Sofas / Best Liked 5 DJs Take Over a Set Time at The Chillax Zone of Psychedelic New Year 2018~2019 (Event Page Found Here & On Facebook).
Edible Xmas Gift Freebies at the door for all those who enter at our highest fee of £10 >> No Alcohol or Sparkling / Glass Bottled Drinks Allowed.
Get On our FB Page for more info and exact party Location closer to date >> [facebook.com]
Entry fee
Entry fee
Entry Fees >> £5 till 10.30pm / £7 till 12pm / £10 till 8am / £5 till 3pm / £8 till 9.30pm or the Actual END of the Party. (If Open Decks & Venue prolong & permit we will Announce a Saturday NITE Too ;}
'''Indigo-Fusions''' / Dark-INDIGO.
Use Our FB Pages to View More!! (One can browse even if logged off or has no account)
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