Dynamic @ Arena Club October 27th @ Athens

Party Flyer Dynamic @ Arena Club October 27th @ Athens 27 Oct '07, 23:30
Party Flyer Dynamic @ Arena Club October 27th @ Athens 27 Oct '07, 23:30
Line Up
"For The 27th Of October - Xtra Vibes hosts @ the Arena Club - DYNAMIC"


Presentation Of Their New Album ACID BEAT thats released from " H2O RECORDS / FINEPLAY MUSIC " _ [fineplay.jp] _

BIO: " Dynamic " are Shay Elmakies & Ben Avital, Phonokols permanent crew members and one of the most promising & admired Israeli trance groups emerging from the evolving Israeli trance scene. Dynamic are respected members of Phonokols young and dynamic new roster Phonokols big hope for years to come! The Next Generation is the latest concept of Phonokols compilations a stage for the labels new in-house artists to present their DJ skills & expose their DJ sets each time with another act.Dynamic were invited to release their current DJ set as the grand opening of this new series as they are mainly known as great musicians with their own mark on the trance world, but they are also very talented DJ´s with great taste in music & this project presents their DJ side what a killer result!.Their tracks are on every major trance compilations around the world including tracks on TIP World, SPUN Records (USA), Zoom (Switzerland), several Japanese compilations, many Phonokol releases and a long list of other companies & projects.
Their tour schedule covers every corner of the globe!.
Dj Set by _ MOONSUN (OWNER OF Moonsun Rec) _

Dj Set by _ Electro Joseph (Xtra Vibes) Resident DJ / Remixer _

Dj Set by _ Triton _
Deco by FLYING AGARIC , Check @ _ [flyingagaric.com] _
Estimated Capacity * 600 People *

Electro Voice & Beyma Prescision Sound

Robotics Laser Show

Projector Showing Visualizations And Global Fests

Doors Open at 12:00 till 7:30 .............

Age over 18

Parking next to the club

No illegal Substances

Security & Management reserves the right to refuse admission

Supported by:


Sponsored by:

Xtra Vibes _ [myspace.com] _

Bassline Radio Network _ [bassline.gr] _

Flying Agaric _ Ag.fotinis 57 N.ionia Athens Greece tel 210-2778063 _

Themistokleous 49 Exarxeia tel:210-3825306

Druid Amanita _ Al. Panagouli 73 LEPTOKARIA DRUID / AMANITA Clothes and ... 43 PLATAMONAS DRUID

/AMANITA Clothes and Accessories: K. Karamanli 53 _ [myspace.com] _

" Lets Dance The Arena For One More Time ".........................................
ARENA CLUB @ Liosion & Parasiou 41 Plateia Attikis , Check For Map @

Sound Styles
Entry fee
Entry fee
20 Euro + Drink
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