DROPS REFLECTIONS special event! · 18 Apr 2009 · Wien/Korneuburg (Austria)

DROPS REFLECTIONS special event!

In- & Outdoor
· Over: 13y 9m
Line Up

MAGNETICA -(noya rec.)isr.
Rinat swissa aka DJ MAGNETICA, is originally from Haifa, Israel, now lives in Tel Aviv. She began her professional musical career 3 years ago, playing at various trance events & parties in Israel; as one of the pioneering woman in the field, she one of the leading female DJ's in Israel. Magnetica has been breathing and living the trance scene for 13 years. A devoted partygoer she has been to trance parties and festivals in Israel and around the world, kicking the dance floors and pumping the b.p.m in her veins. After two years of playing in leading clubs and parties in Israel, Magnetica Began making her own music. With the help and the professional direction of good friends Z-Machine, and Xerox & Illumination, DJ Magnetica began working in her own studio, and joined the new label ñ Noya records and signed as an artist, under the management of Moshe Keinan aka XEROX. Magnetica's first album is coming soon, so keep your ears open ....... more about magnetica @ [myspace.com]
MAN `DHASA - (Schallfabrik )de.

M.a.l.e.x. - (groove criminals)at.

Progressor - (psylence )at

Maya - (Spirit Sun)at.

Goagnom - (pirat tribe )at.
***very special set for drops reflections***
we all know him as one of the best darkpsy dj in austria ,
but now he will show us all ´his talent in the fullon style ,get ready!!

+ A
**surprize dj set...- ?;) ***
************************************************** ****************************

**********************AQUARIUS Chai Shop*******************************

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we are working on somthing realy cool !
somthing that was never befor on a party;)
somthing realy special, somthing realy psychodelic;)
somthing that you must see to understand ;) and even then maybe u dont understand ;)

Art work by :
STARSKY -(austria)- [starsky-projections.com]


Pani (austria ) - [pani.com]
******Diese Party ist gleichzeitig der 30 Geburtstag von the one and only Raffy aka Burgfräulein!*******

Am Hafen 6.
2100 Korneuburg

Anfahrt mit dem Auto:
A22 Donauuferautobahn / Abfahrt Korneuburg Ost / Wiener Straße / Abzweigung Wiener Ring /
Donaustraße bis zum Blue Danube Business Park

A22 Donauuferautobahn/ Abfahrt Korneuburg West /Ri Zentrum/ vor Apotheke links geradeaus/ vor Bhf links

S3 ab Wien-Mitte o Handelskai bis Bahnhof Korneuburg
letzter Zug nach Wien-Mitte: 0.03 Uhr

öffentlich Bus:
ab Wien Universität/Rathauspark - Schwedenplatz bis Korneuburg
und retour

mit dem Fahrrad ;) :
Donaurradweg bis Korneuburg, die Donaulände
entlang bis zum Gelände der Alten Werft

Wegbeschreibung vom Bahnhof zur Werft:

Unter Unterführung durch (Donaustrasse)
geradeaus bis zur Kreuzung Werftstrasse, rechts
dann einfach bis zur Werft :)

Entry fee
Entry fee
12 befor midnight .
15 after midnight
dr crew and gcr as well
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