DROPS REFLECTIONS and now, PHANATIC,HYDRAGLYPH & U-RECKEN:) · 9 Feb 2008 · Wien (Austria)


Party Flyer DROPS REFLECTIONS and now, PHANATIC,HYDRAGLYPH & U-RECKEN:) 9 Feb '08, 21:00
Party Flyer DROPS REFLECTIONS and now, PHANATIC,HYDRAGLYPH & U-RECKEN:) 9 Feb '08, 21:00
Line Up
for the first time in austria!!!

PHANATIC-(utopia rec.)isr.

Phanatic is the Amazingly talented Kfir Lankry. Born and living in the sunny southern city Dimona , Israel. At the age of 10 Kfir discovered the electronic dance music , he begun Producing at the tender age of 13.
His musical influences come from a wide variety of musical expression, Include Chill out, Drum`n bass, Techno , Progressive House, Classical ,World Music. Kfir already Preforme in many parties and festivals around the world including: Canada , Portugal , Mexico , Serbia , Japan , Brazil , Belgium , Germany , Switzerland , Russia , Hungary & Israel And Many More...
Kfir's Solo project, after releasing the album of Bizzare Contact "Plastic Fantastic" (COM.pact Records) , with his Ex-partner Didi, the duo split each perusing their Solo mayhems.
Phanatic reflects Kfir's current style achieved & molded through out his career, it can be best described as pure Morning Full on, groovy & pumping, mixed with psychedelic melodies, aimed directly to the dance floor.
Phanatic has been featured on compilations all over the globe, including labels such as: Utopia Records ,Com.pact Records, Mind Control Records ,Magma Records ,Planet B.E.N. more releases are expected in the near, immediate future.
Kfir is busy performing all over the world After Releasing his Debut album "In My Head" On 2006 And considered as big succeses All Over the world.
These days Kfir Working on hes Second Album Who planing to Be Released In the begning of 2008 at Utopia Records as well ,be ready for the Unexpected.
more about phanatic [myspace.com]

HYDRAGLYPH- (nexus media) za.

Hydraglyph are Andrew Morgan and Mark Ackermann. Formed in 2000 they quickly grabbed attention by simultaneously being released on Nano and Timecode Records and have since been thumpin’ dancefloors around the world. Having been friends and enthusiastic producers since there early teens (a rare breed in a small town such as Somerset West) it was only a matter of time before they integrated their styles.
Currently they have over 30 releases with some of the world’s most respected psytrance labels, including their debut album, Kinetic, which was released to international acclaim in January 2006 and reached number 1 on the sales charts of all the major online cd stores. The album included the hit “Electric Feed” which was voted the most played track of the summer season in South Africa and has been played at almost every international festival since its release.
more about hydraglyph [myspace.com]

U-RECKEN - (dooflex rec.)isr.

yaniv ben-ari a.k.a. u-recken born in 1978 in haifa israel,and he is living till today on the beutyfull carmel mountains...made his firsts steps too the world of music in his early teenage life,strating as a guitar player and very soon a founder&leader guitar vocalist of two sucsesfull metal bands... like everybody else,he made his turn too the world of psychadelic music, by the haloocinogenic effect of you know what... nower days u-recken is working on a second albom,along with a second compilation
more about u-recken [myspace.com]
chriss - (fullmoon fest.) de.

k-isuma- (y.s.e rec.) de.

mr.rotama -(groove criminals)at.

kajola - (digitrbe) at.
yes we will:)
FLUOROBOTANICS - [fluorobotanics.com]

VISUALS - by invisible connections .
the time table !:)

21:00- 23:00 kajola Dj set
23:00- 00:30 chriss Dj set
00:30- 01:30 Hydraglyph Live act
01:30- 03:00 k-isuma Dj set
03:00- 04:00 U-recken Live act
04:00- 05:30 rotama Dj set
05:30- till end;) Phanatic Live act

****AUFGEPASST!!! Um 4.00 werden die türen geschlossen, das heisst, dass alle die bis dahin schon eintritt bezahlt haben, natürlich rein und raus, aber ab 4.00 keine neuen partygäste mehr rein können.****

Hernalser Hauptstrasse 55

1170 wien
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Entry fee
the new and improoed DR crew and as well the GCR family<;)
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