Droomboom Lentesprong

Party flyer: Droomboom Lentesprong 2 Sep '17, 10:00
Party flyer: Droomboom Lentesprong 2 Sep '17, 10:00
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Geraas oppi Plaas
Geraas oppi Plaas
This even is a small gathering of psy-minded people in the desert that is the psy scene in Namibia. Expect 24 hours of psychedelic soundscapes, ultraviolet landscapes and expanded mindscapes. Many trees for shaded camping. Outdoor kitchen area and ablution facilities. Soft sand for happy barefeet. Just bring your camping gear and dancing feet!
PO Box 20455
Entry fee
N$250 at the gate. Please contact ianidk@gmail.com directly for tickets.
Geraas oppi Plaas is meeting place for lovers of of music, dance, fire, the sun, moon and stars. It is a community of participants donating their talents, being and space-time to the organisation and creation of small, private and personal trance music festivals. Geraas brings together many of the local Namibian musicians, artists, organisers and jack-and-jills of all trades from the pioneers of Trance in Namibia: Luna Shamanix, to Veteran of EDM: Blue Alien Productions and internationl Psy Deco Artists: Foppotee Ink Doodle Art, KingBob Visuals, Gaia Namaste and seasoned events organisers.
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