Dreamscape jan 2018 · 13 Jan 2018 · Offenbach (Germany)

Dreamscape jan 2018

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:: Willkommen bei der Dreamscape!
A Trip into psychedelic trance, chill and groove
║░░ ❁❂❈ PSY MAINFLOOR ❁❂❈

►Ghostrider (Bluetunes) //IL
►Zyrus 7 (Spintwist) // GER

►LUDLEY (Psylofant) // FFM

► MICO X (Crystallin Music) // ?GER ✔
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► Pan (Mindshock Music/WDG Music/Gi) // GER ✔

║ ░░ ><><><>< Chill & Groove floor:><><><║
►Stefan X (Blackfish) // Frankfurt

► Schlafcola (Unterholz/Wi) // Germany✔

║░░ ❁❂❈ Dekoration/Visuals ❁❂❈░░ ║

PSY-PIX (Austria)

►Optikos (Ffm)
► Art Gallery von Talez of Mystery (Of)
►Unterholz (Wiesbaden)

║░░ ॐॐॐ Licht & Laser ॐॐॐ
► max headroom mtw
║░░ ॐ Leibliches Wohl ॐ
✯Chai und Snacks von Chai Caracol (Tanztee HD)
║░░ ॐॐॐ Gadgets ॐॐॐ
Klamotten und Gadgets von Astrein/Unterholz (Wiesbaden)
Gadgets von Worldwidewurm (Wi)
LED-Performance und Schwarzlichtschminken von
feuer & farbe (www.feuerundfarbe.com) ;




Nordring 131
63067 Offenbach am Main


start: 23:00h - 9:00h

AK 15 Euro

friendly doors

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Grosse Outdoorterrasse (überdacht)

Stand mit tollen psychedlischen Gadgets



A trip into psy trance

Zum Start des neuen Jahres präsentieren wir euch voller Freude "Ghostrider" aus Israel, einer der angesagten internationalen Psy Acts und Remixer vieler grosser artists. Er wird mit "Zyrus 7", "Ludley", dem Opener "Pan" und dem Closing Act "Mico X" die erste Dreamscape in 2018 zelebrieren.
Im Chillout beschallen uns dieses Mal mit Stefan Kreuzer und Schlafcola zwei absolute Ambient Legenden. Taucht ein in unsere Welt und die Dekoration u.a von Psy Pix aus Österreich.
You are Dreamscape!

Unsere Artists:

"GHOST RIDER" @ 432 Rec / Blue Tunes Rec

Is the project from Vlad Krivoshein from Israel , follow Class A and Magneto .
Ghost Rider rose like a ghost from seemingly out of nowhere. However, the goose bumps and screams provoked by his appearance are not at all a result of terror � but of pure bliss and euphoria! Taking his audience to the dark and deep end of Progressive Trance, Ghost Rider gained international popularity as soon as his first productions hit the dance floors.Vlad Krivoshein from Israel is undoubtedly among the high- flyers of the Progressive Trance genre. He first became the talk of the scene in the beginning of 2012 when the debut "Ghost Rider EP" at Iboga rec . After follow EP "Shock therapy" at Echoes rec . of his project Ghost Rider hit dance floors like a meteor. His style is characterized by an intriguing mix of elements from different genres. The moderate tempos, huge stereo panoramas and tidy, open arrangements of his productions are clearly a delight for all Progressive Trance lovers; whereas the dark, mysterious atmospheres of Ghost Rider, his dramatic instrumentations and perfidious psychoacoustics are reminiscent of Psytrance. Additionally to his solo activities, he also represents one half of the infamous a studio and live project Class A . In summer 2013 the prestigious German Progressive Trance label releases his agenda-setting album Complextro , after EP "Neverland" . His live act can be heard at numerous major festivals like for instance Earthcore in Australia, Burning Mountain in Switzerland or Psychedelic Circus and Indian Spirit in Germany. An unmistakable proof that he is one of the up- and-coming names on the scene!
His fascination with the Progressive realms was mainly due to his ability to be flexible with the
method he shaped, and add components such as psy to bring his emotions and feelings to the highest score possible.

Beatport Official Page :

Facebook : [facebook.com]
Soundcloud : [click here]

Zyrus 7 - Spintwist - GER
ist ein Quereinsteiger der schon jahrelang auf psy steht, aber erst April 2014 bei seinem Gig im Berliner Kitkat Club die Initialzündung hatte. Seitdem produziert er progressiven psytrance und hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, die Szene im Rhein Main Gebiet durch seine Dreamscape Events zu bereichern. Seine Collaboration mit Liquid Soul kam auf Paul Oakenfolds "Perfecto Fluoro" und seine Single "Reflection" hatte Premiere auf dem dt. psy label "Iono" und seine Collab mit " ZYCE" erschien gerade auf Spintwist. Ausserdem hat er sein eigenes Label "Zy:FI" gegründet, wo ab sofort seine Solo Releases veröffentlicht werden.

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was born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main. His mother infected him with the „technovirus“, when he was 6 Years old, with good, old Jean-Michelle Jarre Records like Equinox . 1983 he started djing in different Youthclubs . He collected sounds like skinny puppy, front 242, chris and cosey and of course acidhouse . In the early 90 er, when trance and techno where hosted in frankfurt in legendaery clubs like the omen and dorian gray, he was working for the well known records company “ Logic Records” ( Harthouse and Eye Q neighbours) and he had his first club bookings in the “grube “ in sauerland and the secret garden in Limburg. At this time he was the pioneer of the psycedelic trance sound in the rhein-main area. 1995 he started his own parties in the middle of Frankfurt. “ Biology Uk” has been the first “Goa Partys “ in the Town. After this; many Frankfurt Clubs and djs where interessted in Stefans sound and partyconcepts ! He played in famous clubs like dorian gray and XS and played with Famous Djs like carl cox, sven vaeth, laurent Garnier Alien Project , SkaZI Raja Ram, Simon Posford....; on big raves like Voov Experience, Fusion Festival, Antaris Project, Antiworld Psygat ( london UK), time warp ( 20.000 people) and also allways on small underground partys.
Since 1997, he was member and resident of the nada-brahma party community. They created big open air festivals like “Klangwelten” and “the Elements of Life”.
In 1999 he founded the first Psycedelic Trance record and event label hosted in Frankfurt am Main ( Psylofant )
Untill today “Psylofant” is the first adress to go if you want to have a serious trance party in the rhein main area.
He also presented his Style in the famous Radio Show "HR 3 Clubnight".
The style of DJ Ludley is always differend and depense a lot on the audience, he is playing for. He is allways prepaired to play a full-on psy set or fluffy morning sounds or what ever the people want to hear: “its not me who is playing, its the audience. I am just the key between them and the Universe “ is stefans meaning about his djing.
As a producer and Remixer, he worked with the following Acts:
**O-Ton** Hagen Kiew** Franky Miller**Lava303** Yan ( Gecko )Krassowski** Substance T** 808 Toms** Pierre van Loon** Sonnenzyklus**
Recently Stefan is Label DJ of Crystallin Records and started in cooperation with Techno Club legend Talla 2XLC a new Psytrance Event series called "Dreamscape", hostet at the MTW Club in Frankfurt/Offenbach.
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(Mindshock Music//Gießen)//WDG Music
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Pan kommt aus Gießen, also nicht ganz so weit weg, ist Mitbegründer der Newcomer Crew
"Mindshock Music", welche im Raum Marburg/Gießen/Wetzlar, seit diesem Jahr, mit Open Airs und Indoor Events aktiv sind.
Dunkel, Dreckig, Stumpf und etwas Verrückt, so beschreibt eine Freundin Pan´s Sound.
Wir lassen uns Überraschen was der Gute mitbringt :)
Pan: „Ich freu mich Riesig drauf, euch auf der kommenden Dreamscape, Zwei Stunden richtig einzuheizen. Also, schonmal Prost und Abfahrt ich bin aufjedenfall da ;) wie stehts mit euch.“

Closing Set
Mico X (Crystallin Music)
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Dj Mico X ist bekannt für vorwärts treibende psychedelische Musik und in der Goa/Psytrance Szene eine feste Größe. Schon als Kind faszinierte ihn elektronische Musik, sein erstes Booking als DJ hatte er bereits im Alter von 16 Jahren (1995). Seit dem spielt er regelmäßig auf Festivals und Events in ganz Europa.

Chill Floor
Stefan X (Blackfish Recordings)
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. . . DJ and Producer is one of Germanys most popular chillout pioneers and arranged the first chillout events with light artists in Frankfurt / Main.
Since then, he is his own light orchestra, mixing different influences in a chill sound ambience just as shining as the projections.

Stefan X was resident DJ at the CocoonClubs Bed Restaurant Silk from the first untill the last day.
Within his project 'Kreuzer und Friedrich' he works as a composer and producer together with his partner Jörg Friedrich.

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Wenn es um die etwas andere Musik geht, um Klänge aus vergangenen Zeiten, Klänge aus fernen Ländern, Kläge direkt aus dem Unterholz und um ein einzigartiges Tanz & Hör Vergnügen... dann dreht sich alles um Schlafcola (Michali).
Viel Spaß beim eintauchen in die Welt des Psychedelic Dub, Marke Schlafcola...

Situated in Germany, DJ Michalis started Djing in the middle of the 90ies. He started touring around @ psychedelicTrance Festivals all around Europe with the well known combo Schlafcola. After more than a decade psy- dubbing he opened up his mind for further musical excursions. Many kinds of traditional and modern forms of global beats, traditional tunes from east and south Europe, oriental grooves and tropical beats influenced his mind. Some days ago he returned home to write his new chapter of psychedelic music. A relaxed mind trip through the wide variations of the musical treasures our globe offers.
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Feel the magic of psychedelic trance

★ॐ★ॐ★ DREAMSCAPE 3 ★ॐ★ॐ★
Nordring 131
63067 Offenbach
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