Disfuncti incarnate by Arcade disfunction records 11 Feb '17, 20:00
Party flyer: Disfuncti incarnate by Arcade disfunction records 11 Feb '17, 20:00
Here we are again brothers and sisters !!!!

A new year means time for another blast-off!!!
At a venue we all know and love!

We will celebrate 2 new releases which are brought to you by Helloki and Dark Euforia themselves and our wacky brother Dinotic will also bring hes new music after a long trip in Thailand !!!

The rest of the night will be filled with acts from our label and friends.


~*~ LIVE ~*~

§ ALTIUS § (Arcade Disfunction / Hypnotica / Luminati) (SWEDEN)

§ DINOTIC § (Arcade Disfunction)

§ AEIO § (Arcade Disfunction)

1 more t.b.a.

~*~ DJ ~*~

§ LAZARUS SOUNDSYSTEM § (Balkan Madness)

§ ATRYUM § (Arcade Disfunction) vs § XIBALBA § (Independent)

§ HELLOKI § (Arcade Disfunction / Warromaja / HippyFlip / Dimensional)

§ DARK EUFORIA § ( Arcade Disfunction / 9th Circle)

By Neil gibson's creations
For the people that remember the last party we gave here at this venue! when we had a crazy costume contest !!!!
Last time it was disfuncted roman this time we have another contest in mind with a new concept !!!!


Because be honest! 2016 has taken a lot of musical geniusses from us! lets give them one last salute by partying in their undead likeness !!!!

The best costume will get a musical price !!! Soon to be announced!
MS-Hoeve @ August van de Wielelei 218, 2100 Antwerpen
Entry fee
10 eur before 22 o clock 12 eur after
Arcade disfunction records
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